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Tango Crash Baila Querida GMC028 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberGMC028
labelGalileo MC
Release date16/05/2008

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      For all tango dancers who had problems with Tango Crashs second album „Otra Sanata“, or even stumbled across its changing rhtyhms the good news: The new album „Bailá Querida“ (dance, my darling) is expressly thought to be an invitation to dance and with more constant rhythms the album should provide great tunes for dancing. Even though „Bailá Querida“ is still a challenge for all milongueros.

      All non-dancers can be sure by the ironically ambiguousness of the cover design that stereotypes have nothing to do with the music of Tango Crash. The argentinians Daniel Almada and Martin Iannaccone who both live in Germany and Switzerland since quite a long time have definitely found their very own place in electronic tango with their third work. Their basis is always pure tango that is mixed with jazzy elements, electronic sounds and beats, influences of contemporary classical music and enriched with ironic spoken words in such a unique way that brought the jazz maestro Joe Zawinul to praise their 2003 debut album with the following phrase:

      "...a totally original approach to their native country´s most intriguing and complex music `the Argentine Tango" In honour to this great musician who died in 2007 Tango Crash included the song “Homenaje” that tries to reproduce the ballad sound of Weather Report and give it a tango shape.
      Ambiguousness and irony are two important motifs of “Bailá Querida”. The song “La Cumpadesky” for example deals with the harmonies of the tango classic “La Cumparsita” whose lyrics correspond the typical role of the man being the victim in tango stories. In the lyrics written by Nicolas Nobili the man assumes his fault of his lapses and does not assign the blame to the women.

      The new mascot of the band is Chanchito (piggy bank), also to be seen on the cover, is the sad hero of „Acovachado“, the destination of the immigrants to Argentina in the 21st Century where there are no paradises anymore and even piggy banks seem to be poor and empty. Lonely and without money the hero is still to thin for being a milonguero. A new element in the music of Tango Crash is the violin played by Susanna Andres from Basel, who expands the bands sound with a new component. „Bailá Querida“ was produced like the first two albums between Buenos Aires, Basel, Hamburg and Berlin.

      Tango Crash appears in top form and presents with „Bailá Querida“ their so far maturest and diversest album.

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      CD 1
      • 1.La Cumpadesky02:57
      • 2.Acovachado03:41
      • 3.Lektrocandombe04:05
      • 4.Finitud03:22
      • 5.Ciclo del enfermo II04:21
      • 6.Bailá Querida03:34
      • 7.Inservible03:58
      • 8.El Boyero03:22
      • 9.Los Ejes de mi Carreta03:20
      • 10.Hilando Escamas04:09
      • 11.Balbón Remix03:47
      • 12.Homenaje02:51
      • Total:43:27