New releases September 2020

Jazz  Electronic22.40 EUROArurmukha14.11.90 (ein akustisches psychogramm)Re-release of the album which MARC WEISER (RECHENZENTRUM, zeitkratzer) and JÜRGENHENDLMEIER (producer for THE FLAMING SIDEBURNS, THEE ULTRA BIMBOOS) created asARURMUKHA. With the use of soundbites, field recordings, and stylistically diverse tracks,they reprocess the eviction of 13 squats on Mainzer Straße in Berlin-Friedrichshain inNovember 1990, forming it into an acoustic scenography in the style ... more
Pop  Country17.53 EUROInger Lise StulienNashvilleInger Lise Stulien returns with her brand new album Nashville on May 15th. For many years, Inger Lise had a dream to travel across the sea and to the very home of country. Last fall, that dream finally came true. She packed her bags, jumped on a plane, and before she knew it she was realizing her dream of going back to Nashville, 23 years after her previous visist. However, this time around she had ... more
Jazz  Contemporary16.55 EUROTrió KontrasztCryptic Scattered Images Of Time ForgottenKONTRASZTCryptic Scattered Images of Time Forgotten, the third album on the BMC label by the Trió Kontraszt, founded in 2011, is a musical memorial of pianist and band leader Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer. Like Sinbad, he roams through time, browsing through the chapters of his life with the expansive calm of bygone times, from his years in Novi Sad, through the time at the Budapest free music school, to ... more
Rock  Progressive20.45 EUROKing CrimsonThe Elements Tour Box 20202CD history of King Crimson featuring many extracts & tracks appearing on CD for the first time, including many by the current line-up. Packaged in DVD sized fold out digi-pack style book case with 24 page booklet. Originally prepared for now postponed concert venue sales on King Crimson’s USA 2020 tour. Much sought after by fans. Seventh release in the Tour Box series. Introductory notes by Robert ... more
Pop  Allgemein38.98 EUROXTCOranges & Lemons (200 Gramm Vinyl)Oranges & Lemons is the eighth in a series of XTC Classics to be issued on a 200 gram vinyl edition. The album has been mastered by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering with input from Andy Partridge & is fully approved by XTC. The album is one of the most requested vinyl reissues as it was only on vinyl for a short period towards the end of the first vinyl era and was, as a result, never available as ... more
Rock  Reggae19.48 EUROLucianoThe AnswerThe wait is finally over. Two-times Grammy nominee Luciano is releasing his latest album – and it’s set to be a masterclass in Roots-derived music. The Answer, released via Oneness Records, sees this legendary artist at the peak of his powers. Across 11 tracks, with production from Oneness’s Moritz v. Korff and Benjamin Zecher, and mixing/mastering by Umberto Echo, Luciano breathes new life into the ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.53 EUROMarc Copland & Dave Liebman & Randy BreckerQuint5t“How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?” ---Satchel PaigeThe five members of this all-star group need no introduction. There are two unusualthings to note here: one, they don't play like your average all-star band. Here is acohesive unit that wants to play together, and that knows how to do that whilesimultaneously leaving room for the individual talents of each member to shine. Two,while ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.53 EUROSigurd HoleLys / Mørke«Some of Sigurd’s long, resounding tones echo the gravity of our predicament with the deep concern that only such low sounds can provide. Other sections thrum with the natural overtones familiar from rural Norwegian folk music. He shifts and dances, showing the full range of what his bass can do. It is philosophical music, urging us to listen to the sounds of the world wherever we are to start to ask ... more
Jazz  Contemporary16.55 EUROBalanceFor We Know In PartWith the Balance trio’s second album, Ja´nos A´ve´d placed the emphasis on the art of listening. Not merely in the music sense of the word: the band leader-saxophonist has encapsulated his whole basic attitude as a human being and artist into these compositions, which thus point far beyond the musical areas bounded by a notated score. “Am I open enough to partake?” This question lies behind the compositions ... more
Jazz  Vocal Jazz17.53 EUROMaria Pia De VitoDreamersDREAMERS, Maria Pia De Vito’s latest album , “is a collection of works by songwriter icons Paul Simon, David Crosby, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and my beloved Joni Mitchell. Poets, lucid dreamers and social activists who, from the sixties onwards, have created timeless masterpieces of refined beauty, elevated by piercingly sincere poetic lyrics that embody the spirit of their time.  These songs look backward ... more
Rock  Alternative19.48 EUROMobile Ethnic MinorityFive FiftyNineA RadioDJ asked me: „Why should I listen to your record, what's special about it?“ I said: There isnothing 'spectacular' or 'meaningful', there's no 'message'. It's just music, pure, straight and raw.Songs that might lay bare the soul 'cause that's where they come from. And all tracks are over 3minutes...Five Fifty-Nine is my 10th solo record, an album made of ten chapters.Performed, recorded and shaped ... more
Rock  Bluesrock17.53 EUROTrudy & DaveOut of our mindsDebut album from the Norwegian Americana pioneers Trudy & Dave!The past few years has been a new golde period for Americana in Norway – a genre that over her was established by high-profiled musicians such as Claudia Scott, Hellbillies and Jonas Fjeld. Among them are also Johanna Demker and Alf Bretteville-Jensen, who through thriving cooperation are back with their passion project Trudy & Dave.Out ... more
Rock  Metal14.96 EUROChaosbayAsylum


  • 15/09/2020Helene Blum und Harald Haugaard veröffentlichen ihr erstes gemeinsames Album bei Galileo MusicMit ihrer gemeinsamen sind Helene Blum und Harald Haugaard bereits seit 2008 international unterwegs, um ihre jeweiligen Solo-Alben live zu präsentieren. „Strommen“ ist nun das erste Album, das die beiden dänischen Ausnahmemusiker zusammen aufgenommen und produziert haben. Bei einem Interviewtag am 3. August gaben die beiden insgesamt 10 Interviews für Musikmagazine und Radios aus Deutschland. Auch „Strommen wird wieder live in Deutschland präsentiert. Den Start macht das Konzer in der Dänischen Botschaft am 8.10 in Berlin. Weiterhin sind folgende Konzerte geplant: 9.10. Eisleben – 22.10. Nürnberg – 23.10. Ravensburg – 24.10. Helmbrechts – 25.10. Lüdenscheid. ...moreLatest release
  • 09/09/2020Preis der deutschen SchallplattenkritikDas aktuelle Album „I Want My Money Back“ von Dr. Will hat es auf die vierteljährliche Bestenliste des PdSK geschafft. Bereits zum zweiten Mal wurde der Musiker in der Kategorie Blues ausgezeichnet. Für die Jury in Person von Karl Leitner „zeigt sich der Mann mit dem einzigartigen Sound, der zwar in München lebt, dessen Herz aber für New Orleans schlägt, erneut auf einem Gipfelpunkt seiner Kreativität und Schaffenskraft.“ ...moreLatest release
  • 02/09/2020World Music Charts September 2020Auf Platz 7 hat sich Xabier Diaz & Adufeiras de Salitre mit ihrem gemeinsamen Album „The Silenced Cathedrals“ in den World Music Charts Europe vorgearbeitet. Knapp dahinter stehen Maria Kalaniemi & Eero Grundström mit „Mielo“ auf Platz 11. Weiterhin in den Transglobal World Music Charts vertreten ist hingegen das aktuelle Album „Trobairitz“ von Mara Aranda, mit dem sie ihre 30jähriges Jubiläum auf den musikalischen Bühnen der Welt feiert. ...moreLatest release
    World Music  Spanien  Galicien
    Xabier Díaz & Adufeiras de SalitreThe Silenced Cathedrals MS012 CD
    World Music  Finnland
    Maria Kalaniemi & Eero GrundströmMielo AKEROCD21 CD
  • 04/08/2020Galileo Music veröffentlicht mit Strømmen das erste Album der Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard Band
    Helene Blum und Harald Haugaard sind seit vielen Jahren regelmäßige Gäste der großen Folk- und Weltmusikbühnen in Deutschland. Bislang haben die beiden ihre jeweiligen Solo-Programme und ihr erfolgreiches Weihnachtsprogramm live mit ihrer gemeinsamen Band präsentiert, aber keine gemeinsamen Aufnahmen realisiert. Nun ist mit Strømmen das erste gemeinsame Album fertig und erscheint am 18. September auf Galileo Music. Am vergangenen 3. August waren die beiden in Berlin und haben Interviews zum neuen Album gegeben. Ab Oktober präsentiert die Band ihr Album mit Konzerten in Berlin, Eisleben, Neumühle, Heidelberg, Nürnberg, Ravensburg, Helmbrechts und Lüdensched. ...more
    Latest release
  • 27/07/2020Nachruf auf Stephan TrepteDer Musiker Stephan Trepte ist im Alter von 70 Jahre verstorben. Der Kult-Sänger verlieh DDR-Bands wie Electra, Lift oder Reform seine markante Stimme. Geboren im sächsischen Biehla wird er seinen Fans als umtriebiger Musiker mit seiner einmaligen Ausstrahlung auf der Bühne in Erinnerung bleiben. ...more

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