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Carmen SouzaInterconnectedness
Interconnectedness is the name of Carmen Souza's 10th album. Interconnectedness is about humanity and the way we are all Interconnected. The pandemic challenged and questioned values, morals, humanity, and everything is still so uncertain and vulnerable, this music exposes exactly that vulnerability. Interconnectedness was recorded and produced by Carmen Souza and Theo Pascal between Lisbon and London with different formations, morphing into another chapter of this duo musical partnership. "As with ...more

New releases December 2022

Jazz  Contemporary12.30 EUROJuan SaizPindio IIJuan Saiz is not a new name in the catalogue of?Leo Records. It first appeared in 2016 when Juan was leading a quartet Pindio. This CD announced loud and clear that there is an authentic and powerful new music in Spain. Five years later he recorded with Baldo and Lucia Martinez (Fragil Gigante, CD?LR 889) playing his own and Baldo’s compositions. With Pindio II Juan Saiz presents his quartet playing ... more
Jazz  World Jazz17.98 EUROSebastian PeszkoJourneySebastian Peszko is a multi-genre violist, violinist and composer. His new instrumental album titled "Journey" presents a fusion of different musical styles, mixing Classical Music with Jazz Manouche, Jazz, Blues and World Music. Opening in this way new horizons for the charming sound of the viola, with which Peszko invites his listeners to a musical journey through different epochs, lands and lan ... more
Jazz  Contemporary12.30 EUROFabian Neubauer & Duy Luong & Pablo LiebhaberTalesGerman-based modern creative trio “Tales” presents a groundbreaking album full of freedom, sensitivity and aesthetic fine-tuning with its eponymous debut release. This is by no means a typical piano trio album: the three musicians Duy Luong (double bass, electronics), Pablo Liebhaber (drums), and Fabian Neubauer (piano, Wurlitzer, electronics), literally invent a new sound language rarely heard in ... more
Jazz  Allgemein16.98 EURODaniel MigliosiLeft On SceneScheduled for release on the 4th of November, Mons records is proud to announce the debut album from the young Luxembourger Daniel Migliosi. Featuring largely original compositions rooted in the Hard Bop tradition, this album highlights a group of young musicians that show a great sense of musical maturity that defies their young age.The album was recorded in May of this year and, at the time, Daniel ... more
Jazz  Allgemein27.98 EUROMartti Vesala Soundpost QuintetLandmarks (180 Gramm Vinyl)Undercurrents can be unpredictable and violent onoccasion. This was certainly the case for Martti Vesala'snew Soundpost album: "I really intended for the music tosound more Nordic, to give it a sense of calm, longingand space," he recalls. "I'm drawing inspiration frommore varied sources now."This ambition matches the emotional oscillations of theautobiographical Landmarks, written during a period ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROMartti Vesala Soundpost QuintetLandmarksUndercurrents can be unpredictable and violent onoccasion. This was certainly the case for Martti Vesala'snew Soundpost album: "I really intended for the music tosound more Nordic, to give it a sense of calm, longingand space," he recalls. "I'm drawing inspiration frommore varied sources now."This ambition matches the emotional oscillations of theautobiographical Landmarks, written during a period ... more
Jazz  Contemporary12.30 EUROSergio Armaroli & Steve DayRib MusicThe Italian vibraphone master Sergio Armaroli has been producing a rush of albums for Leo Records over the last eighteen months. His collaboration with the English writer and poet Steve Day is arguably the most intense, a concentrated duet where they hone their collage down to the core ingredients, vibes & gongs plus words & speech. The proof is obvious to the ears, Armaroli is without doubt a creative ... more
Rock  International27.98 EUROXTCThe Big Express (200 gram vinyl)The 1984 classic album, newly cut from masters by Jason Mitchell at LOUD mastering and approved by Andy Partridge. Available on vinyl for the first time since the late 80s Newly presented in a full gatefold sleeve The Big ExpressXTC’s seventh album, “The Big Express” was virtually ignored on release, much as its immediate predecessor “Mummer” (which was reissued on vinyl earlier this year to universal ... more
Jazz  Contemporary17.98 EUROGlotze & Mark Weschenfelder & Pei Ann Yeoh & Philipp Martin & Philipp ScholzGLOTZE 2
Jazz  Contemporary17.98 EUROinEvitableinEvitable
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROMarc Copland QuartettSomedayAs the pandemic winds down and music re-emerges in 2022, Marc Copland has released hisfirst quartet CD in several years, featuring some of the finest talents on the New York scene.Copland feels that this is one of his best recordings ever, and after listening, we can see why!By now Marc Copland needs no introduction. At 74 years, he’s arguably at the very top of hisgame, making him one of the handful ... more
FA58232 CD
Jazz  Allgemein22.98 EUROCharles Trenet & Stan Getz & Dorival Caymm & Claude DebussyNature, Source D’Inspiration - Anthologie Des Musiques Dédiées à La Pensée Écologique 1941-1962Before the Sixties, notions like the Anthropocene epoch, the philosophy of living in harmony with nature, the recognition of nature’s rights, climatic change, even less the sombre predictions of the collapsology described by Pablo Servigne, or the solastalgia in Glenn Albrecht’s definition, weren’t concepts that muddied the learned discourse of scientists or the media. Even if one could sense a sketchy ... more
FA58333 CD
Pop  Filmmusik22.98 EURONino RotaBandes Originales De Films 1956-1961Born into a family of musicians, Nino Rota was one of the great Italian composers of the 20th century, and his many original soundtracks have left their mark on film history. Here Olivier Julien has collected his most remarkable film scores from the turn of the Fifties and Sixties, including such undisputed masterpieces as Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita and Luchino Visconti’s Rocco and his brothers. ... more
Jazz  Gypsy Swing15.98 EURORomane & Richard ManettiPère & Fils - Intégrale Romane Vol. 12Is it just a figure of speech to say “music runs through their veins”? Because listeners can indeed hear something unique in this record, and it has much to do with family ties… Apart from the obvious understanding between father and son, their playing conveys a share of love and respect that is priceless. Romane has handed down not just his passion for music but also his elegance, and such precise ... more
FA58342 CD
Jazz  Blues22.98 EUROIry Lejeune & Alex Broussard & Dewey BalfaCajun Volume 2 The Post-War Years - Louisiane 1946-1962It took decades for the music of our distant “French” cousins – long hidden away in the bayous of southern Louisiana – to finally leave its home. It aroused interest with some of the curious and then conquered the USA. Joyful or nostalgic, convivial and given rhythm by accordions, these tunes seduced music-lovers worldwide, and today the music is recognised as part of the world’s heritage. The highly ... more
FA58222 CD
Pop  Filmmusik22.98 EUROMaurice JarreBandes Originales De Films 1959-1962Maurice Jarre was an outstanding composer of French film music and his original soundtracks became a household word in films for the entire second half of the twentieth century. This selection of music from Olivier Julien looks back on Jarre’s early period when he was the young music director of Jean Vilar’s TNP in Paris. But he also put his name to his first hit in Hollywood. He wrote for Georges ... more
Jazz  Allgemein22.98 EUROQasim Naqvi & Wadada Leo Smith & Andrew CyrilleTwo Centuries (LP)On October 7th, Red Hook Records present ‘Two Centuries’, the first recorded collaboration between venerated jazz legends Wadada Leo Smith and Andrew Cyrille, with rising electronic experimentalist, composer and drummer, Qasim Naqvi.The album was instigated by Red Hook Records founder Sun Chung (who at the time was Cyrille’s producer for ECM Records) and Naqvi, who recalls; “Sun wanted to talk about ... more
Jazz  Acoustic Guitar17.98 EUROIan MelroseSeven
Jazz  Contemporary17.98 EUROCase KämäräinenMystique from the NorthNorthern mysticism, catchy melodies and free improvisation. Case Kämäräinen releases its third full-length album at the end of August. Recorded in June in Warsaw, Poland, Mystique From The North (Eclipse Music) is out on August 26, 2022 on streaming platforms and as CD in September.Intuition, which most often guides us in everyday life as well as in other life decisions, is the thread on this album. ... more
Jazz  Contemporary16.98 EUROMihály Borbély QuartetMiracles Of The NightIn this latest release by the Borbély Workshop, skeletal scores, and inspiration from poetry, thevisual art and philosophy take on auditory form in the hands of this experienced and fecund group ofartists. The typical ethno-jazz sound of the Borbély Workshop is less of a feature here, and emphasismoves from carefully notated compositions towards freedom, even more so than on their previousdiscs. On ... more
Jazz  Contemporary12.30 EUROPago LibreExtemporaThis release could easily mark the 34th anniversary of Pago Libre, but the line up of this multi-ethnic quartet would be quite different 30 odd years ago. From the original line-up only John Wolf Brennan remains. The name PAGO LIBRE is derived from the initials of the four group members: PAtumi, GOodman, LIndvall, BREnnan. Forming Pago Libre in 1989 John Wolf Brennan wanted to create “a kind of triangle” ... more
Rock  Alternative22.98 EUROMobile Ethnic MinorityRun Run Run“ It's just me playing electric & acoustic guitars, a deep loud bass, there’s all kinds ofpercussions & drums, and there’s me singing. I barely remember the recording sessions -all I know is that I gave all I had. Like a sleepwalker, running for peace, joy, love. For me,Playing is Praying. And then I ditched everything that didn’t hit me in the gut.” MarioMario Knapp - Guitarist - Singer - Album MakerRUN ... more
World Music  Norwegen17.98 EUROEriksson / Myhr / MalmströmFör sola skin' på takEriksson/Myhr/Malmström is a newly started Swedish/Norwegian trio playing newly composed, nordic folk music on guitar, hardanger fiddle and clarinet / bass clarinet. With elements of improvisation and voicing based on counterpoint techniques, the trio has found an exciting musical expression. In September, they will release their debut album “För sola skin’ på tak” consisting of 9 beautiful compositions ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROEnj Society & Michael Erian & Daniel Nösig & Milan Nikolic & Howard CurtisHere And NowThe best-known recordings in jazz history of piano-less jazz quartets with saxophone and trumpet wereundoubtedly delivered by the baritone saxophonist Gerry Mulligan along with trumpeter Chet Baker, aswell as by Ornette Coleman and Sonny Rollins who both worked respectively with Don Cherry. The morerecent ones by Mark Turner and Avishai Cohen are also noteworthy. There are of course countless furtherexamples ... more
World Music  USA  Folk16.98 EUROHazel Dickens & Alice GerrardPioneering Women of Bluegrass: The Definitive EditionThe soaring harmonies and driving string-band sound of Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard shattered the glass ceiling of male-dominated bluegrass in the 1960s. Hazel and Alice’s influence on music – and not just roots music – is hard to overstate. They’ve been acknowledged by artists as diverse as country superstars Naomi and Wynonna Judd, champion flat-picker Molly Tuttle, and proto-feminist punk rocker ... more
Jazz  Contemporary12.30 EUROPat BattstoneThe Last Taxi: DeparturePat Battstone is not a newcomer in the Leo Records catalogue. This is his fifth CD. Although he is a headliner, this CD is very much a collective effort. “Departure” has been recorded by the quartet with his old pals — Chris Rathbun – bass, Robert Rivera – cello and live electronics, Georgia Santoro – flutes and Pat Battstone – piano and Fender Rhodes. When they start the journey, no one decides where ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EURODuduka Da Fonseca & Quarteto UniversalYes!!!In 2021 after enjoying a Central Park concert, drummer Duduka Da Fonseca met bassist Gili Lopes and guitarist Vinicius Gomes, both of whom said that they wanted very much to play music with him. Da Fonseca felt flattered and suggested putting together a quartet that also included pianist Helio Alves, and Quarteto Universal was born. // Throughout his career, Duduka Da Fonseca has been one of the leaders ... more
KCBD1011 BluRay/1 DVD
Rock  Progressive25.18 EUROKing CrimsonIn The Court Of The Crimson King – King Crimson at 50 (BluRay/DVD)Die lang erwartete offizielle King Crimson-Dokumentation von Toby Amies, die von der Zeitschrift Variety als "so gut wie keine andere Rockdokumentation" beschrieben wurde, wird am 11. November in physischer Form als Blu-Ray/DVD-Set mit zwei Discs veröffentlicht, nachdem sie am 19. Oktober in ausgewählten britischen Kinos und bei On-Demand-Diensten gezeigt wurde. Das Set enthält den vollständigen Dokumentarfilm, ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROHelge Lien & Knut HemVillingsberg
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROJason YeagerStuck In Time The Kurt Vonnegut SuiteComedians and jazz musicians|have been more comforting and|enlightening to me than preachers|or politicians or philosophers|or poets or painters or novelists|of my time. Historians in the future, in my opinion, will congratulate us on very little other than our clowning and our jazz.” —Kurt Vonnegut
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROFerruccio SpinettiArieI have always loved jazz, and also always loved the compositions of Italian jazz players, many of whom have been stage mates in these 30 years of my career. This is where my idea of creating starts, a sort of "songbook", which I hope will help people to discover how Italian artists are loved all over the world. For this project, it came naturally to me to ask an old friend for help, Giovanni Ceccarelli, ... more
Jazz  Piano Trio27.98 EUROOddgeir Berg TrioWhile We Wait For A Brand New Day (180 Gramm Vinyl)While we wait for a brand new day is the third part of The OddgeirBerg Trio's trilogy around the dark hours of the day. The album wasrecorded under immense pressure. With only three days left beforeNorway went into a lockdown, the trio headed to the studio andfinished the album in an intense session.Remarkably, the tone of these nine new originals is hopeful andupbeat. If previous Oddgeir Berg Trio ... more
Jazz  Piano Trio17.98 EUROOddgeir Berg TrioWhile We Wait For A Brand New DayWhile we wait for a brand new day is the third part of The OddgeirBerg Trio's trilogy around the dark hours of the day. The album wasrecorded under immense pressure. With only three days left beforeNorway went into a lockdown, the trio headed to the studio andfinished the album in an intense session.Remarkably, the tone of these nine new originals is hopeful andupbeat. If previous Oddgeir Berg Trio ... more
Jazz  Vocal Jazz17.98 EUROJudy NiemackWhat's Love?After hoping to record for several years, Peter, Sullivan and I agreed to go into the studio following Peter’s gig at the Village Vanguard, (where I’d made my debut on the NYC jazz scene back in 1978). Peter invited me to join the band onstage but New York City locked down that night. // We finally met again more than a year later at the historic Van Gelder studio, now owned and run by my dear friends, ... more
World Music  Kapverden17.98 EUROMario LucioMigrantsSongwriter, poet, singer, and from 2012 to 2016 Minister of Culture of Cape Verde, Mario Lucio holds an important place on the Cape Verdean cultural and musical scene. He is back with an album produced by a young Portuguese musician-producer Rui Ferreira that brings new sounds to Cape Verdean music while retaining its soul. On Migrants, Mario appeals to our humanism and pays tribute to those who have ... more
World Music  Italien17.98 EUROFrancesco Loccisano & Andrea PiccioniUpgradeTradition is a living process, in transformation, that renews andregenerates itself thanks to the incessant work of its bearers.This is the meaning of the meeting between FrancescoLoccisano and Andrea Piccioni: the exploration of ways andsounds symbolizing the millenary Italian tradition, beyond theclassification of "popular", in which tradition is used as astarting platform for a dialogue and a sound ... more
Jazz  Contemporary12.30 EUROSergio Armaroli & Veli Kujala & Harri Sjöström & Giancarlo SchiaffiniWindows & Mirrors | Milano DialoguesHave you ever heard the accordion, vibraphone, trombone, and saxophone improvising together? There is only one record label where you can hear this kind of music — Leo Records, of course. In the hands of these exceptional musicians, this extraordinary combination of instruments produce a sensational amalgamation of sounds, the kind of sounds you’ve never heard before. The music is so gripping, it makes ... more


  • 06/12/20226122 (To Andrew Fletcher Of Depeche Mode) in den deutschen AlbumchartsAm 26. Mai 2022 hat Andrew Fletcher, Gründungsmitglied der britischen Band Depeche Mode, im Alter von 60 Jahren seine letzte Reise angetreten und ist vor allem für Millionen Fans elektronischer Musik viel zu früh von uns gegangen. Einige internationale Künstler haben sich nun unter der Regie von Daniel Gierke (The Brute:) zu einem musikalischen Abschied und Danke für über 40 Jahre Musikgeschichte an Andrew „Fletch“ Fletcher zusammengefunden. Die vielschichtige Compilation auf 2 CDs schaffte den Einstig auf Platz 28 der deutschen Albumcharts. ...moreLatest release
  • 02/12/2022Carmen Souza mit neuem Video zu „Kuadru Pintadu“Die kapverdische Sängerin widmet sich mit ihrem neuen Album „Interconnectedness“ den persönlichen und globalen Veränderungen der letzten Jahre. Die Single „Kuadru Pintadu“ („Bemalte Leinwand“) präsentiert Carmen Souza jetzt als Musikvideo, in dem sie das menschliche Leben mit einer Leinwand vergleicht, die von uns selbst und anderen bemalt wird und uns letztendlich zu dem macht, was wir sind. Carmen Souza: Kuadru Pintadu ...more
  • 20/10/2022Willi Carlisle für die erste Runde der GRAMMY AWARDS nominiertDie Recording Academy hat das neue Album „Peculiar, Missouri“ in die erste Runde der GRAMMY Nominierungen aufgenommen. Nominiert wurde Willi Carlisle in der Kategorie Best Folk Album und mit „Vanlife“ für den Best American Roots Song. Der Sänger aus dem Mittleren Westen Amerikas besticht durch seine unersättliche stilistische Vielfalt von poetischen Texten über Honky-Tonk-Songs und American Folk Music bis zu den reichhaltigen Balladen und Melodien seiner Heimat. ...moreLatest release
  • 06/10/2022Der Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik Jahrespreis 2022Gratulation an Bernhard Hanneken und sein Label NoEthno, welches für die Edition „Deutschfolk - Soundtrack zum Volksliedrevival in der BRDDR“ einen der begehrten 11 Jahrespreise verliehen bekam. Die Box liefert eine Zeitreise von den Vorläufern des Revivals in den 1960er Jahren bis in die Gegenwart: über 220 Lieder von Folkmusikern aus Ost und West auf zwölf CDs mit ausführlichen Erläuterungen zu den Interpreten und den Liedern in einem Booklet von 172 Seiten. „Noch nie zuvor wurde das deutsch-deutsche F/Volksliedrevival so umfassend und präzise dargestellt, wie von Hanneken: ein schlichtweg definitives Klangarchiv!“ urteilt die Jury. ...moreLatest release
  • 03/10/2022Carmen Souza auf Tour in DeutschlandAm 19. September ist Carmen Souza zusammen mit ihrem langjährigen musikalischen Partner Theo Pascal zu Gast beim Freiburger Jazzfestival. Vom 07. bis 15. Oktober präsentiert die kapverdischen Sängerin dann zum ersten Mal ihr neues Album „Interconnectedness“ in Deutschland. Darin gelingt es ihr eine Kombination aus Verletzlichkeit und unbeschwerter Freude in ihre Musik fließen zu lassen. Eine Kombination, welche die Hörer in einen Bann aus Vertrautem und faszinierend Neuem zieht.

    Carmen Souza & Theo Pascal 19.09.2022 Freiburg, Gasthaus Schützen „Interconnectedness“ Tour 07.10.2022 Kiel, Kulturforum Kiel 09.10.2022 Darmstadt, Agora 11.10.2022 Wuppertal, Bürgerbahnhof Vohwinkel 13.10.2022 Stuttgart, Laboratorium 14.10.2022 Karlsruhe, Tempel 15.10.2022 Nürnberg, Villa Leon
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