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Nikos Tsiachris Primavera en Berlin GMC092 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberGMC092
labelGalileo MC
Release date10/12/2021
Players/ContributorsGuest musician
  • Alaa Zouiten: Oud (Track Nr 4)
  • Amara Carmona: Palmas, Jaleos
  • Gabriel Lorente: Guitar (Tracks Nr 1, 3, 5, 8)
  • Jan von Klewitz: Saxophon (Track Nr 8)
  • José Campos Cortés "Morenito Hijo": Vocal (Track Nr 3)
  • José Manuel Ruiz Motos "Bandolero": Percussion, Drums, Palmas and Jaleos
  • Juan Cárdenas: Vocal (Tracks Nr 5, 8)
  • Roland Satterwhite: Violin (Track Nr 5)
  • Rüdiger Krause: Vocal, Electric Guitar (Track Nr 1)
  • Tom Auffarth: Bass (Tracks Nr 1, 3, 5, 8)
  • Rubén García
Recording Studio
  • Tom Auffahrt
  • Rubén García
  • Iveta Rysava
Cover Artwork
  • Eleni Lovardou

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      The question what in life is coincidence and what is fate is moving not only the Berlin based Greek flamenco guitarist who received much attention with his Flamenco-Jazz band Rasgueo. Coincidence or fate led Tsiachris for his studies to Thessaloniki where he discovered the Flamenco. And again, it was coincidence or fate that he moved to Berlin and settled down there instead of spending an Erasmus year in Granada. His second solo album is dedicated to his new hometown Berlin, that caused sorrows and pain but also many new friendships, love and happiness. He is now living the spring (primavera) phase in Berlin where he is following his passion for music and allowing it to lead him wherever it wants to take him. He found many fellow musicians who supported and accompanied him for these new recordings. Additionally, he was able to get some of his Spanish friends and colleagues to join the recordings of the album which is the successor of the album “Alcance” that was awarded with the label Top of the World by the international renown Songlines magazine.

      Tsiachris remains true to himself regarding his style blending Flamenco, contemporary music, and jazz influences. “Primavera en Berlin” is continuing this way consequently and he goes even further. In a whole the compositions and arrangements appear to be more sophisticated which is also because he has taken more time to work on this album. At the end it was his pursuit of perfection that impeded that the recordings where not finished already in 2017, which is a hearable benefit for the album. With new flamenco guitars, improvements in the arrangements and the already recorded tracks up in his sleeve he entered again the studio to work on the perfect sound. Compared to the first album he already had all instruments and musicians in his head who are now on the final mixes while he composed the material. These musicians are colleagues from Spain and his colleagues from Berlin. One of them is guitarist Gabriel Lorente who was a student of Tsiachris in Berlin for 10 years and is now a close friend.

      One has to exert oneself for finding his influences of Greek music while diving into the music of this album. Nikos Tsiachris estimates this part with wink as a maximum of 1%. Berlin has become his new home and through music he is connected to Spain as being his second home.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Primavera en Berlín05:39
      • 2.A Solas06:49
      • 3.A Curro Romero05:05
      • 4.Maestro Vicente05:49
      • 5.Falso Juramento06:27
      • 6.Natalia04:42
      • 7.Cosas de Jerez06:01
      • 8.A Nuestros Viejos05:54
      • Total:46:26