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The interaction of jazz trumpet and flamenco guitar is the speciality of the quartet Rasgueo with Greek guitarist Nikos Tsiachris and the Bavarian trumpet player Martin Auer and not very common in the flamenco world. „Echo“ is now the second album of the band driven by drummer Diego Piñeira and double bass player Martin Lillich that follows their acclaimed debut “Waterfall”. Tsiachris who wrote all pieces except a version of the famous classic Asturias is an international renown guitarist whose solo ...more

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Jazz  Contemporary17.98 EUROLouis Billette QuintetConcordance
World Music  Portugal16.98 EURODanças Ocultas & Carminho & Dora Morelenbaum & Zelia Duncan & Jaques MorelenbaumDentro Desse MarThe accordion quartet Danças Ocultas with Artur Fernandes, Filipe Cal, Filipe Ricardo and Francisco Miguel São is known with their three decades of career as one the great contemporary musical treasures of the Portuguese music scene. „Dentro Desse Mar“ is probably the most ambitious album so far in their career. Due to the many collaborations in the last years they came in contact with the Brazilian ... more
Jazz  Allgemein20.98 EUROHelge Lien Trio10After the departure of Frode Berg, the Helge Lien Trio were in need of a fresh start. For the first time in 15 years, they did not record at the Rainbow studio in Oslo. The change of location turned out to be productive. Suddenly, they had two full records' worth of material. The resulting double album displays the full range of this unique formation's versatility - including onomatopoetic piano paintings ... more
Jazz  Allgemein27.98 EUROHelge Lien Trio10 (180 Gramm Vinyl)After the departure of Frode Berg, the Helge Lien Trio were in need of a fresh start. For the first time in 15 years, they did not record at the Rainbow studio in Oslo. The change of location turned out to be productive. Suddenly, they had two full records' worth of material. The resulting double album displays the full range of this unique formation's versatility - including onomatopoetic piano paintings ... more
World Music  Italien17.98 EUROLucilla Galeazzi & Didier Laloy & Ialma & Carlo Rizzo & Maarten DecombelAlegria e LibertaALEGRÌA e LIBERTÀ is the encounter between the fiery Cantabrian sea, kissing the cliffs of the ‘Praiadas catedrais’, off the coast of Ribadeo and the languor of the Ionian Sea, coloring the Terra d’Otranto invivid azure.From muñeira to tarantella, this musical journey will take us on the paths of Santiago de Compostela,through Galicia, this region of northwestern Spain, neighbor of Portugal, of Celtic ... more
Jazz  Vocal Jazz17.98 EUROKevin Hays & Chiara IzziAcross the SeaIn 2019 Jando Music/Via Veneto Jazz will release Across the sea of Kevin Hays and Chiara Izzi.This album is the outcome of an encounter of two musicians so distant and yet so inexorably close. A project where the music is always tangible, not volatile, particularly when born under a bright inspirational sky. Those holding the reins of this visionary journey between jazz and pop, America and Italy, ... more
World Music  USA  Folk16.98 EUROOur Native DaughtersSongs Of Our Native DaughtersSongs of Our Native Daughters gathers together kindredmusicians Rhiannon Giddens, Amythyst Kiah, Leyla McCalla,and Allison Russell in song and sisterhood to communicatewith their forebears. Drawing on and reclaiming early minstrelsyand banjo music, these musicians reclaim, recast, and spotlightthe often unheard and untold history of their ancestors, whosestories remain vital and alive today. The material ... more
World Music  Orient  Jüdisch17.98 EUROMara ArandaSefarad - In the Heart of TurkeySecond CD of the ‘Diáspora’ Collection, a series of five albums dedicated to theSephardic most important geographical destinations after their Exodus fromthe Peninsula (Morocco, Turkey, Greece, former Yugoslavia and Israel).Prologue by the musicologist Susana Weich-ShahakThis new CD is the second in a series that offers us a view over the rich musical repertoires ofthe Sephardic Jews in Diaspora. The ... more
World Music  Allgemein15.98 EUROGheorghe Zamfir & Christiane GuggerGheorghe Zamfir’s Repertoire For Piano & Panpipe DuoGheorghe Zamfir is the great international exponent of the pan flute. A virtuoso of the nai or Romanian pan flute, his sound is so particular, so recognizable, that everyone has heard him play, either on one of the million records he has sold worldwide, or else on the cult soundtracks he has recorded for film-composers like Vladimir Cosma and Ennio Morricone, and directors like Quentin Tarantino. On ... more
FA57362 CD
Pop  Frankreich  Chanson22.98 EUROHugues AufrayIntégrale Chronologique 1958-1962Whether the music is skiffle, folk or from Brazil’s Nordeste, Hugues Aufray knows how to make the sounds rhyme with travel, and his songs belong to everyone’s songbook. This set looks back on Aufray’s early years: from his ascent from cabaret and little Left Bank clubs prior to his decisive meeting with Eddie Barclay, all the way to his immense, eternal hit “Santiano”. Produced by Olivier Julien and ... more
Jazz  Allgemein15.98 EUROLa Section Rythmique & Harry Allen & Luigi GrassoLa Section Rythmique +2At last, they’re back! La Section Rythmique, the fabulous group whose stars were always behind the scenes, namely David Blenkhorn, Guillaume Nouaux and Sebastien Girardot. Catapulted to the front of the stage with the release of their first album — it was Record of the Year for Jazz Magazine in 2015 — the group has played countless concerts and done many recordings since then with the likes of Cecile ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROIkarusMosaismic
Jazz  Contemporary17.98 EUROGeorg Ruby & Stephan Goldbach & Daniel "D-Flat" WeberVillage ZoneGeorg Ruby, Stephan Goldbachand Daniel „D-Flat“ Weberunmistakably have twoparticular likings: on the onehand side an unconditionalagreement transposing theiroriginal compositions waybeyond the hierarchy of longoutdated concepts of the pianotrio; on the other hand the joy offree, spontaneous improvisation.In an uncompromising waythe trio dedicates itself to theprinciple of „Instant Composing“,which ... more
Jazz  Contemporary17.98 EUROJürgen Kupke & Hannes ZerbeAlles hat seine ZeitJürgen Kupke and HannesZerbe combine diverse playand listening experiences fromclassical concert music andNeue Musik. Moreover in theirarrangements, compositionsand concerts they constantlyrefer to the music of HannsEisler. Next to compositions byEisler - two of them based onBertolt Brecht‘s texts - and songsfrom Carla Bley and FrançoisJeanneau the biggest part ofsong material is composed byHannes ... more
Jazz  Contemporary17.98 EUROAndreas SchickentanzStories from the Crooked Path„Stories From the Crooked Path“ is Andreas Schickentanz‘ second solo album featured on JazzhausMusik. Grooves, loops, ambient-like patterns, sounds become music - designing coincidence. Schickentanz has found own forms and structures, established new rules and created a completely individual cosmos of sound.
Jazz  Contemporary17.98 EUROPeter MaternaSaxophone SoloPeter Materna used a trickrecording this recent production:he did not only fill thechurch with the sound of hissaxophone, he also had one ofthe world‘s best concert pianosplaced there and provided itwith microphones using it asa soundbox. The right pedalpressed the strings of thepiano reverberated with everynote, every sound structureof Materna building a coresonance.This way not onlythe playing of ... more
Jazz  Contemporary17.98 EUROMoritz von Kleist & Ryan Carniaux & Reza Askari & Nils TegenTonwerkstattMoritz von Kleist performs his own music without being accompanied by a harmony instrument. Thus and in combination with the free playing of the musicians everything results in a very independent, yet very flexible aesthetics of sound. As for a painter it is possible to colour the music of the sound paintings in many different ways.
Rock  Progressive19.53 EUROKing CrimsonBeat (200 Gramm Vinyl)Beat is the tenth vinyl release in the King Crimson classic LP reissue series. Cut from the 30th anniversary masters series as overseen & approved by Robert Fripp Pressed on 200gram super-heavyweight vinyl for the best possible audio reproduction King Crimson is on a 50 concert tour from June, including three concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall, in this, the band’s 50th anniversary yearAdrian Belew: ... more
Rock  Progressive11.35 EUROKing CrimsonLive In Newcastle, December 8 1972Recently rediscovered cassette soundboard recording of the Larks’ Tongues in Aspic line-up Recorded shortly before the band went into the studio to make that classic recording Although taken from a cassette recording (audio restored & mastered by DGM) this is the best sounding live recording of this quintet line-up. King Crimson is on a 50 concert tour from June, including three concerts at London’s ... more
Pop  Country17.98 EUROBrent MoyerDoing Better NowWyoming raised, Nashville cat, Brent Moyer, the Global Cowboy, is excited to release his eighth CD on Brambus Records, Doing Better Now. This 12 song collection glimmers with an array of musical gems…a nice blend of Country/Americana with Moyer’s rich baritone voice at it’s best. Known as the Global Cowboy, Brent Moyer has shared the stage with many stars, played guitar for Lynn Anderson, recorded ... more
Jazz  Piano Trio17.98 EUROMax Petersen TrioDivine Traces


  • 16/05/2019Omar Sosa & Yilian Cañizares kommen für ein Konzert nach DeutschlandIm letzten Jahr veröffentlichten die in Kuba geborenen Musiker Omar Sosa und Yilian Cañizares ihr gemeinsames Album "Aguas". Darauf reflektieren die beiden aus den Perspektiven zweier unterschiedlicher Generationen über das Leben im Exil, außerhalb ihrer kubanischen Heimat. Aktuell befinden sie sich in Trio-Besetzung auf Europa-Tournee und kommen am 17. August im Rahmen des KLANGART Festivals in Wuppertal auch nach Deutschland. ...moreLatest release
    World Music  Kuba
    Omar Sosa & Yilian CanizaresAguas MDC015 CD
  • 15/05/2019Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik zeichnet Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin aus.Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin symbolisieren die Versöhnung zwischen zwei Völkern, wie kaum ein anderes Duo. An ihren beiden Instrumenten, der armenischen Duduk und der türkischen Saz, erzeugen sie Klänge voller Melancholie, aber auch voller Hoffnung. Mit ihrem zweiten gemeinsamen Album "Karin" sind sie nun in die Bestenliste 2/2019 aufgenommen worden. Das Album ist eine Hymne an den interkulturellen Austausch, seine Kraft beruht dabei auf dem Geist des Teilens und der Großzügigkeit. ...moreLatest release
  • 30/04/2019Interviewtag in Berlin mit Mísia am 23. Und 24. MaiMit ihrem neuen Album „Pura Vida (Banda Sonora)“ arbeitet die portugiesische Fado-Sängerin ihre existenziellen Erfahrungen der vergangenen beiden Jahre auf. So wechselt die Stimmung ihrer Musik beständig zwischen Himmel und Hölle, wobei die portugiesische Gitarre den Himmel und die E-Gitarre die Hölle repräsentiert. Die Sängerin kommt am 23. und 24. Mai nach Berlin, um über ihr neues Album zu sprechen. Anfragen bitte an ...moreLatest release
  • 29/04/2019Dom Flemons mit seinem GRAMMY-nominierten Album „Black Cowboys“ am 29.05.19 in MünchenDer amerikanische Multi-Instrumentalist (u.a. Banjo, Panflöte, Harmonika) und Songster Dom Flemons geht auf Europa-Tournee. Bekanntheit erlangte er als Mitbegründer des Rootsmusic-Ensembles Carolina Chocolate Drops, das 2011 mit einen Grammy ausgezeichnet wurde. Am 29.05.2019 kommt er nun mit seinem ebenfalls für den Grammy nominierten Album „Black Cowboys“ nach München in die Allerheiligen Hofkirche zum LAUTyodeln Festival. Für mögliche Interviews nimmt sich Flemons gerne Zeit. ...moreLatest release
  • 23/04/2019Renaud Garcia Fons am 23.5. bei Jazz Around the World Seit 2012 ist Galileo Music für die musikalische Gestaltung der Konzertreihe Jazz Around The World im Puc Puchheim, im Westen von München zuständig. In insgesamt 40 Etappen haben seit Anfang 2012 einige der interessantesten Acts aus dem Spannungsfeld zwischen Jazz- und Weltmusik im Rahmen dieser Reihe gespielt und dabei eine facettenreiche musikalische Weltreise unternommen. Anlässlich des 20-jährigen Jubiläums des PUC Puchheim präsentiert die Reihe mit Renaud Garcia Fons einen der herausragenden Jazz Musiker der letzten Jahre, der u.a. 2017 den BMW Welt Jazz Award gewann. Gemeinsam mit seinem Trio richtet der Kontrabass-Virtuose Renaud García-Fons den Blick auf seine Heimatstadt Paris. Neue Kompositionen laden den Hörer auf eine Traumreise durch den melodischen Charme von damals und das lebendige, kosmopolitische Paris von heute ein. ...moreLatest release

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