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World Music  Afrika  Äthiopien16.98 EUROAtse Tewodros Project Gabriella GhermandiMaqedaThe Atse Tewodros Project was founded in 2010 by Gabriella Ghermandi to bring Italian and Ethiopian musicians together and thus promote mutual dialogue and artistic creation. Gabriella Ghermandi's music combines Ethiopian traditions with jazz influences, drawing inspiration from traditional music that is little known outside Ethiopia. The music is an artistic, cultural and anthropological journey that ... more
World Music  Argentinien  Tango17.98 EUROSverre Indris Joner & Carlos del Puerto The cuban opera orchestraClasicos a lo Cubano - Live in Havana‘Clasicos a lo Cubano’ is the story of Sverre Indris Joner from Oslo, who, together with his musicians from the Hovedøen Social Club, meets the Cuban Opera Orchestra to dedicate themselves to his salsa arrangements at the National Theatre in Havana. Sverre Indris Joner and his musicians succeed in creating a unique view of the Cuban music world. ‘Clasicos a lo Cubano’ captures the special atmosphere ... more
World Music  Allgemein17.98 EUROLiberdjangoA Ramingo"A Ramingo" is the first CD by Liberjango, a project born in the heart of Romagna, where three musicians with jazz roots embarked on a musical journey in search of evocative melodies. True to their name, this trio skillfully navigates through timeless compositions of legends like Astor Piazzolla and Django Reinhardt, also paying homage to Italian composers like Ennio Morricone. These compositions have ... more
World Music  Spanien  Galicien17.98 EUROXabier DíazAxúdame A SentirXabier Díaz presents his seventh album ‘Axúdame A Sentir’ together with numerous musicians from the formation Adufeiras de Salitre. He dedicated the work to his grandmother Obdulia, for whose life he wanted to express his great admiration. The music on ‘Axúdame A Sentir’ invites you to dance and lets your imagination run wild. Xabier Díaz is inspired by traditional rhythms, which he uses to build instrumental ... more
Pop  Country17.98 EURODiverseWe Still Can't Say Goodbye: A Musicians' Tribute To Chet AtkinsFew artists have been as influential in the music industry across genres as the charming Chet Atkins, the first C.G.P. (Certified Guitar Player). This tribute, released in Chet's 100th year, certainly has the makings of a collector's item, as these extraordinary performers celebrate Chet's genius as a C.G.P., producer, songwriter and mentor to so many in the music world who were inspired by the one ... more
World Music  Spanien  Flamenco Fusion17.98 EUROJosemi GarzónAblaJosemi Garzón presents his second album ‘Abla’. Together with his quintet, the double bassist demonstrates the sonic development of his career in an impressive way. From the perspective of jazz, he moves fluently and naturally through a wide variety of flamenco styles. The album is the result of a process that began with the search for a connection between musical and personal identities. Josemi Garzón's ... more
World Music  Spanien17.98 EUROMayte MartínTatuajesMayte Martín's new album is entitled ‘Tatuajes’ and presents immortal tracks from a repertoire that immediately lingers in the memory. The singer and her quartet immerse themselves in a multi-layered soundscape that initially has nothing in common with flamenco. ‘Tatuajes’ is an emotional journey, a fusion of genres, a discourse with references from flamenco and bolero and a homage to great original ... more
Jazz  Allgemein15.98 EUROMathilde FebrerMilou En Mai, Hommage À Stéphane GrappelliA tribute to the French master of jazz violin is no easy task... but who better than Mathilde Febrer to accomplish it? She trained as a classical violinist but turned her bow to jazz a long time ago. She’s accompanied a variety of artists, from Daniel Colin and Alexandre Lagoya to Led Zeppelin and Charles Aznavour, including Claude Bolling, Renaud, Henri Salvador, Rodolphe Raffalli and Sanseverino. ... more
Pop  Country15.98 EUROMacadam Farmer Tainted LoveMacadam Farmer gives to famous artists (Cindy Lauper, Depeche Mode, Yes, Genesis...) a avor from the bayous. To the rediscovery of timeless his like Girls Just Want to Have Fund, Tainted Love, Take on Me, Owner of a lonely heart, Bette Davis Eyes and more..
Jazz  World Jazz15.98 EUROParis Gadjo Club & Yamandu CostaCafé Du Brésil III (Special Guest: Yamandu Costa)The choro seduces listeners with its Latin character and elegant melodies, and is often compared with Latin jazz. The new “Café du Brésil III” project of the Paris Gadjo Club makes a timely appearance, and thanks to a subtile alliance of choro and swing it creates a bond between Parisian culture and the world of Rio de Janeiro. Here the quintet revisits samba and bossa nova classics with a hint of ... more
Jazz  Allgemein15.98 EUROManu Le PrinceBossa Jazz For Ever (Love To Johnny Alf)Her country of adoption is Brazil, and the immense jazz singer Manu Le Prince here pays homage to composer Johnny Alf, considered by some as the father of bossa nova and a major influence on Jobim and Gilberto. Manu has already dedicated recordings to the songs of jazz monuments like Cole Porter and Wayne Shorter; for this record she chose the unavoidable (and unfairly overlooked) songwriter Johnny ... more
Jazz  Blues16.98 EURODiverseThe Rough Guide To Railroad Blues (LP)Since the very birth of the blues, the train has been a source of great inspiration for musicians. From the steam engine imitation tunes of pioneering harmonica players to wonderful variations on classic folk songs, this collection highlights how the railroad helped shape the blues.
Jazz  Allgemein29.99 EURODave Brubeck QuartetLive From The Northwest, 1959 (180g Black Vinyl)BLACK VINYL, 180 GRAM. "Live from the Northwest, 1959" is the newest release from Brubeck Editions, the family-run label that only puts out music of the highest musical and technical quality. These exciting performances were recorded by the trailblazing and iconic audio engineer, Wally Heider, who pioneered the art of remote recording from his "studio on wheels." His sound here is stellar!
Pop  Country17.98 EUROGene ClarkThe Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982Beyond his achievements as a founding member of the Byrds, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Gene Clark was truly one of the most prolific singer/songwriters of the rock era. This album introduces previously unreleased studio sessions from Clark's pre-Byrds days in 1964 with studio recordings froDer in die Rock & Roll Hall of Fame aufgenommene Gene Clark war nicht nur Gründungsmitglied der Byrds, sondern ... more
Rock  Alternative17.98 EURODiverseMejor De Los Nuggetz: Garage & Psyche From Latin AmericaMejor de Los Nuggetz is a collection of Spanish language interpretations of many of the biggest hits of the 1960s performed during that era by a hyper-kinetic lineup of garage bands from Mexico, Spain, and beyond. For many listeners this compilation will serve as an introduction to the fuzz and fury of rock en español from such artists as Los Apson, Los Mustang, Los Shain's, Los Salvajes, and more
Jazz  Blues36.99 EURODiverseTrue Blues Brother: The Legacy Of Matt 'Guitar' Murphy (2LP)The Legacy of 2012 Blues Hall of Fame inductee Matt "Guitar" Murphy is honored by 72 fine musicians who perform on this historic 23 song, blue vinyl double LP. Included are Murphy's final three studio recordings, a new song written and performed by multi-Grammy-winner Tom Hambridge, and the work of Murphy's friends Joe Beard and Billy Boy Arnold, in the studio together for the first time.
LIB51762 CD
Pop  Country  Bluegrass25.99 EUROThe Flying Burrito BrothersLive In Amsterdam 1972The Burritos had evolved into a solid bluegrass band and this magical performance, recorded in Amsterdam in January, 1972 fulfilled their record label contractual obligations. This amazing performance was recorded, then pirated on vinyl and then officially released with the band's management blessings. First time available in the U.S. and unavailable anywhere for over 50 years.
Jazz  Allgemein15.35 EUROCory Weeds & Champion FultonEvery Now And Then (Live At OCL Studios)Cory Weeds and Champion Fulton travelled to OCL Studios in Calgary to record a new live, duo album in front of a rapt audience.Their special bond was evident as Fulton delivered sophisticated, swinging turns across a set of beautiful tunes, in conversation with Weeds at his expressive best.
World Music  Deutschland17.98 EURORoger Hartmann´s macht äbbes uisThe magic of the Rhön landscape is cast over the songs, which are born out of ancient and very current events in the Rhön. With his second release, Roger Hartmann once again unearths stories, but focuses in particular on the here and now, emotionally and vividly. The mood always oscillates between quiet and loud, melancholy and hope. Hartmann guides the listener unerringly through the old language ... more


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