Elin Furubotn

Three years have gone by since Elin Furubotn released her previous album with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra. The duet “Så let det kan ver”, with Morten Abel, was a summer hit. Now she is presenting her 7th album: Ikkje gå deg vill (Grappa). This time Furubotn is forging a new path. At the controls as producers in Elektrolud Studio are Morten Abel and Børge Fjordheim in addition to Furubotn herself. With elements such as choir, violin, trumpet and a variety of guitars, the musicians have created a playful, exciting and warm atmosphere around the songs. Her lyrics describe the vagaries of everyday life with humour, seriousness and reflection. Among the things we hear about are what a son who recently moved away from home asks for when his mother rings him a little too often, how one does not always want the advice of one’s partner, the way that time suddenly goes by more quickly than one thought it would, or how dangerous it can be if someone goes astray and fails to help others.
Ikkje gå deg vill GRCD4540