Miguel Iven

While Flamenco is resting comfortably on its newly-awarded World-heritage laurels, Miguel Iven simply puts on six brand-new strings, rolls up his sleeves and works away as effortlessly and unexcitedly as ever. That´s the way we know him on stage: as an utterly endearing and interesting dialogue-partner, as a friend. A clear response, a powerful tone and all but sparingly used melody-lines have always been a trademark of his compositions. This warm-hearted anchorman and flamenco guitarist will have to get used to the idea of being acknowledged as the German founding father and doyen of Flamenco. During the 1990s he became the German voice of Flamenco at the NDR-radio. Even back in the 1980s he was already living together with Gitanos in the caves of Sacromonte near Granada, where he refined his guitar play until the legendary dancer and choreographer Manolo Marín engaged him as a regular guitarist in Sevilla. Five CDs speak a clear Iven-Flamenco-language, featuring zappy runs, crisp rasgueados and gruff Alzapuas. He has a long-existing, loyal fan-community in Andalusia, the cradle of Flamenco.
Flamenco Entre Amigos GMC047