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Vicente Soto Sordera eStar Alegre GMC009 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberGMC009
labelGalileo MC
Release date27/10/2004

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      Since some years ago flamenco audience is growing all over the world, due to good marketing of virtuous guitar players and intelligently arranged flamenco-pop fusions, besides the always attractive flamenco dance shows. But the authentical voices from the very cradle of Cante Jondo (the traditional gypsy flamenco singing style with ancient roots), Jerez de la Frontera in the South of Andalucía, are still far away from being widely known.

      Vicente Soto “Sordera” is one of the big flamenco singers (cantaores) of our time. He has worked side by side with almost all the big flamenco names of the last decades, has won some of the most significant flamenco awards and released 11 solo albums until today. He has performed in prestigious theaters like La Scala (Milano), the Théatre des Nations (Paris), the Teatro Avenida (Buenos Aires) or the Comunale (Roma) and has toured as soloist or part of flamenco shows in France, Germany, Italy, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Philippines, Portugal, Argentina, México, Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium.

      He is the son of famous Manuel Soto “Sordera” and considered by the experts one of the artists with the most complete knowledge of style, a performer who has interpreted almost every palo (the different flamenco styles) and is considered a living example of “pure” flamenco tradition. At the same time the work of Vicente Soto “Sordera” has always been innovative “from inside” as he has demonstrated with his musical adaptations of the lyrics of some of the big names of hispanic poetry: José Hierro, Fernando Pessoa, Rubén Darío, José Martí, Unamuno, Alfonso Reyes, Valle Inclán.

      After several years without recording a new album, the expectation from media and fans towards Soto’s new release were extremely high and “Sordera” did not disappoint anyone: eStar Alegre is a surprising album. Experts might look in vain for a song in one of the more tragical, heavier and slower styles like siguriya or soleá. The repertoire of the album concentrates exclusively on the faster palos like bulería, alegría or tango. The most dramatic screams (“quejíos”) are left aside for this time. Vicente shows his happy side. The big deal about this production is how it manages to keep up this “happy” tone without ever becoming trivial or too light. Everything is pure flamenco but sounds just fresh and clear: the expression, the arrangements and the instrumentation. There are no artificial strings or keyboards and the creative ideas and personal sound of guitarists like Moraíto, Manuel Parilla, Diego del Morao and José María Molero give the songs the vivid support they ask for.

      Being much more than just a cantaor, Vicente Soto “Sordera” not only sings but is also responsible for the lyrics and the co-production of eStar Alegre, an essential album not only for every hardcore flamenco fan, but also for all those who’d like to give their first steps into this magical musical style and culture; an album that breaks up rigid schemes without losing its firm connection with one of the most remarkable traditions of contemporary music.

      “eStar Alegre” is produced by Josete Ordóñez and Vicente Soto.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Sale la Luna (Bulerias)04:13
      • 2.A mi bola (Tangos)03:27
      • 3.La Plazuela (Bulerias)04:37
      • 4.No te lo vendo (Tangos)03:18
      • 5.Pa vestir santos (Alegrias)03:33
      • 6.A Extremadura (Tangos)04:03
      • 7.Que bonita eres (Tangos)03:33
      • 8.Salistre (Bulerias)04:04
      • 9.Pani (Tangos)04:04
      • 10.La sangre mia (Bulerias)03:00
      • Total:37:52