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Diverse Tuva: Voices from the Center of Asia SFW40017 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberSFW40017
labelSmithsonian Folkways
Release date03/01/2013
Release date01/01/1990

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      Recorded in 1987, this highly-acclaimed release makes available to the world a miraculous and remarkable ancient musical tradition, including examples of the rare multiphonic "throat-singing" technique. Sponsored by the National Geographic Society, the Smithsonian Institution's Office of Folklife Programs, and the U.S.S.R. Union of Composers, it is an astonishing achievement. "Primal and forthright...a beguiling earful." — The New York Times

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      CD 1
      • 1.Steppe Kargiraa (Fedor Tau)
      • 2.Sigit (Mergen Mongush)
      • 3.Sigit "Alash" (Mergen Mongush)
      • 4.Sigit with Igil (bowed instrument) (Anatolii Kuular)
      • 5.Khoomei (Fedor Tau)
      • 6.Khoomei (Sundukai Mongush)
      • 7.Tespeng Khoomei (Sundukai Mongush)
      • 8.Kozhamik (medley) with khoomei, sigit, and kargiraa (Tumat Kara)
      • 9.Kargiraa duet "Artii-Sayir" (Tumat Kara and Andrei Chuldum)
      • 10.Khomuz melodies performed by trio of Khomuz players (Anchimaa Sonat, Anchimaa Khert, Achyimaa Targin Chandanmaa Torten)
      • 11.Borbannadir (Mikhail Dopchun)
      • 12.Borbannadir (Tumat Kara)
      • 13.Borbannadir with finger strokes across lips (Tumat Kara)
      • 14.Borbannadir (Anatolii Kuular)
      • 15.Ezengileer (Marzhimal Ondar)
      • 16.Sigit with khomuz (Oleg Kuular)
      • 17.Medley of various throat-singing styles (Ensemble "Amirak")
      • 18.Kargiraa "Artii-Sayir" (Vasili Chazir)
      • 19.Melody on the amirge (hunting horn): luring of the stag (Vasilii Khuurak)
      • 20.Imitation of the roe deer, the musk deer, the reindeer, owl, wolf's howl; Appeal to the patron of hunters before the bear hunt; Reinder herder's calls to reindeer (Vasilii Khuurak, Shozhul Salchak, and Polina Ore)
      • 21.Domestication of sheep to lamb (Doluma Lopsanchap)
      • 22.Domestication of goat to kid (Doluma Lopsanchap)
      • 23.Domestication of cow to calf (Khuren Oorzhak)
      • 24.Domestication of camel to calf (Shimet Soyan)
      • 25.Excerpt from shamanic healing ritual (Alexander Davakai)
      • 26.Funeral lament (Tatyana Sat)
      • 27.Lullaby (Tatyana Sat)
      • 28.Wooden jew's harp (Balgan Kuzhuget)
      • 29.Lullaby with Khoomei (Bilchit-Maa Davaa)
      • 30.Long Song: "Don't Frighten the Crane" (Sundukai Mongush)
      • 31.Long Song: "When I Graze My Beautiful Sheep" (Khuren Oorzhak)
      • 32.Kozhamiktar (antiphonal quatrains) (Group of men and women from Chadan, Dzun-Khemchik Region)
      • 33.Ceremonial Song: "Hymn to the Mountains" (Kazak Sandak)