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Rasgueo Eleven GMC105 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberGMC105
labelGalileo MC
Release date17/11/2023
  • Auer, Martin: Trumpet & Fluegelhorn
  • José Ruiz Motos "Bandolero": Drums & Percussion
  • Lillich, Martin: Bass
  • Tsiachris, Nikos: Flamenco & Jazz Guitar
  • Jörg Surrey
Recording Studio
  • Greve Studio
  • Jörg Surrey
  • Annemone Taake
  • Iveta Rysava
Cover Artwork
  • Eleni Lomvardou

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      Comparing with Rasgueo´s previous albums, „11“ has a cool and slightly different sound, yet the combination of flamenco guitar and jazz trumpet remains the quintessence of Rasgueo´s sound. So what is different on this album? First of all, the introduction of the jazz guitar in combination with the flamenco guitar offers a much wider sound. Secondly, having Bandolero on board, a flamenco expert and world-famous percussionist and drummer, who brings his own ideas and concepts. Thirdly, a bigger variety of influences, ranging from flamenco (Malagueña, Colombiana), flamenco-jazz (First Step), west african music (Gute Laune) and balkan music (Eleven) to jazz ballads (Christmas Lights) and modern jazz (Secret Mind, Dilemma).

      As about the name of the album, the band was founded in 2012 and is now eleven years old, two pieces have an 11/8 time signature and the first time that the band played together with Bandolero was on 11th of February 2023. Additionally, our spanish special guest has birthday on 11th of September, sharing the same birthday with a very special person in my life. As a result of this, the total amount of pieces on this album had to be eleven.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Eleven05:38
      • 2.First Step04:22
      • 3.Intro02:07
      • 4.Colombiana05:01
      • 5.Secret Mind06:21
      • 6.Christmas Lights05:04
      • 7.Crossing Paths03:11
      • 8.Gute Laune03:40
      • 9.Malagueña05:20
      • 10.Dilemma05:05
      • 11.White Nights03:24
      • Total:49:13