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He Jinhua Songs of the Naxi of Southwest China SFW40599 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberSFW40599
labelSmithsonian Folkways
Release date12/08/2022

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      Sung with grace and conviction, the renditions of Naxi folksongs by He Jinhua on Songs of the Naxi of Southwest China offer a glimpse at a tradition rarely heard outside its homeland. These songs are full of references to snow-clad mountains, rushing rivers, spring flowers, and the profusion of local wildlife in the Naxi heartland of northwest Yunnan province, tableaus that are reflected in the lilting verse in which they’re sung. On this first collection of Naxi folksongs released outside of China, He presents songs she has learned since childhood from relatives, farmers, colleagues, and field collectors all over the region, as well as pieces for jaw harp and two collaborations with Grammy-winning composer Daniel Ho.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Keel lee lal bee - Threshing Song03:19
      • 2.Xiq dvq bee - Transplanting Song Version 104:51
      • 3.Mil bvl bee - Wedding Song04:22
      • 4.Ceeli Ceemu - Tsheli Tshemu03:03
      • 5.Gguqqil - We muf ddaq04:05
      • 6.Bberdder gguqquil - Gguqqil song from Sanba04:17
      • 7.Labeq gguqqil - Gguqqil song from Labeq Version 104:27
      • 8.Ee leeq bee - Ploughing Song03:35
      • 9.Ree bee - Drinking Song06:07
      • 10.Ggv zzeeq mil bvl bee - Tibetan Marriage Lament02:55
      • 11.Yuleiq bee, Ji zzoq zol - Songs from Yongning and Eya03:10
      • 12.Ail jiuq bbv ddaq pil - Dawn Lament03:41
      • 13.Saiseeq jjiq - A lil lil jiq perq - Saiseeq jjiq - Beautiful White Clouds04:19
      • 14.Oq mei leeq bee - Song of the Spirit of the Grain02:49
      • 15.Kail guegueq - Plucked jaw harp02:01
      • 16.Daiq guegueq - String-activated jaw harp02:01
      • 17.Hei meil zeeq bbvq nee gua guaq - Meeting by Moonlight03:46
      • 18.Xiq dvq bee - Transplanting Song Version 204:58
      • 19.Labdeq gguqqil - Gguqqil song from Labeq Version 204:34
      • 20.Nge nee niruq shel - Self-introduction01:24
      • Total:01:13:44