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Terje Isungset Sildrande ALLICE1926 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberALLICE1926
labelAll Ice Music
Release date18/10/2019
  • Eden, Mats: viola d`amore, violin & hardanger fiddle
  • Eilertsen, Mats: bass
  • Halle, Gunnar: trumpet, aquarium & vocals (track1,2,3,4,5,6,7,11)
  • Henriksen, Arve: trumpet, vocals & electronics (track 04, 06, 08, 09, 10)
  • Isungset, Terje: drums, percussion, mouth harps & a music box.
  • Pettersen, Sissel Vera: vocals, live electronics & saxophone
  • Qvenild, Morten: hyper piano & pump organ
  • Økland, Nils: violin & hardanger fiddle

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      About the work Sildrande: The meaning of the word ‘Sildrandre’ is trickling. Sildrandre might take form as water that never stops trickling, moving like the flow of energy through the creation of art and music. Always changing directions and always developing - Sildrandre energy that merges art and music into nature itself. Musical energy may have deeper meaning too, like Sildrandre slowing with a lack of water, stalled in polluted water or flowing too with too much water. Across millennia, this planet has always retained the same water, it should be cherished and treated carefully. We do need nature. Nature does not need us.

      Additional information and meaning of titles: Sildrande/ Trickling

      01 Dråpe/ Droplet (Morten, Mats, Nils, Gunnar on aquarium, Sissel, Mats, Terje.
      02 Skodde/ Ground Cloud (Morten, Mats, Nils, Gunnar, Sissel, Mats, Terje
      03 Sky/ Cloud (Morten, Mats, Terje, Mats, Gunnar)
      04 Vatnspeil/ Water reflection (Sissel, Gunnar, Mats, Nils, Morten, Arve on electronics)
      05 Heim/ Home (Terje, Sissel, Gunnar on voice, Mats, Nils, Morten, Mats)
      06 Elv/ Water source/River (Sissel, Mats, Nils, Morten, Mats, Arve on voices and trumpets, Gunnar on voice, Terje)
      07 Ungdomskjelde/ Fountain of youth (Sissel, Gunnar, Mats, Nils, Morten, Mats, Terjedrums & mouth harp.
      08 Oppkomme/ Water source (Morten, Arve, Terje on music box, Sissel, Nils)
      09 Steingard/ Stone fence (Arve, Mats, Nils, Mats, Sissel, Morten)
      10 Turke/ Dearth (Sissel, Mats, Nils, Morten, Mats, Arve, Terje)
      11: Etter/After (Sissel, Gunnar, Mats, Nils, Morten, Mats)

      Some reviews of the premiere in the press: Isungset has come down off the mountain to create what was possibly the highlight of this year’s fest, in the form of a commissioned work, “Sildrande.” Down Beat. Even though they played the specially- commissioned 'Sildrande' piece for around 90 minutes, our attention was constantly gripped, even during the most environmental of openness. Jazz Wise Magazine Terje Isungsets use of wood, stone and water - the most primordial of instrumentsbrought an organic element to an ensemble featuring fiddles, jazz instrumentation and electronics on the stunning premier Sildrande. All About Jazz Det var store kontraster, alt fra det vakreste vakre til stunder som nesten gjorde vondt. Salt Peanuts.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Dråpe04:35
      • 2.Skodde02:18
      • 3.Sky03:40
      • 4.Vatnspeil05:18
      • 5.Heim03:03
      • 6.Elv05:51
      • 7.Ungdomskjelde07:44
      • 8.Oppkomme06:09
      • 9.Steingard05:59
      • 10.Turke12:07
      • Total:56:44