Victor Hugo Villena Trio & Kay Sleking

Born in Argentina in 1979, Victor Villena collaborates with the elite of the contemporany tango Argentine composers: Sonia Possetti, Fernando Otero, Alejandro Schwarz, Gustavo Beytelmann, Leo Sujatovich , Daniel Binelli and Diego Schissi. He explains: In my neighbourhood, a working-class suburb north west of Buenos Aires, it’s rare for anyone to listen to tango. I grew up surrounded by the sounds of folklore and Chamamé, between echoes of Argentinean Cumbia – the rhythmic backdrop of that incomparable train station. In José C. Paz, tango hides away in the grocery stores of its oldest inhabitants, on my father’s radio, in the memory of a failed poet who dreams that one day Pugliese or Troilo “over in the capital” will record one of his tangos… In my neighbourhood, there is no music school. If you want to be a musician, you have to learn what you can until you are old enough to take the train to study the bandoneon in Buenos Aires. And when, after the scales, the “Bachs” and the guidance of your teacher, you take the train back to José C. Paz, you return with new sails full of wind. With tired arms, I return home with new tunes to paint my old town.
Tango SIL359