Ot Azoj


Since 1994 the Dutch world music band Ot Azoj has been playing many a festival in the Netherlads as well as in the rest of Europe.

The band explores 'new roots and old grooves' from an imaginary country, called Molvania. This land, allegedly with the muddiest party-scene in all of Eurasia, comes to life in the compositions of Ot Azoj. Klezmer-rumba, Balkan swing, Turkish-Latin and a host of other musical influences are added to the original sound of the band.

‘Refreshing, innovative, energetic and original’ (Mixedworldmusic.com)

The band members are:
Joris van Beek (NL) - violin, double bass
Karin Kranenborg (NL) - saxophones
Radek Fedyk (PL) - tuba, trumpet, double bass
Wilco Oomkes (NL) - accordion
Ulas Aksunger (D/Tr) - percussion, vocals

Dza Dza Dzum AAC99501