Shura & Ensemble Novaya Shira Lipovsky

Shura Lipovsky is undoubtedly one of the most important performers of Yiddish and Jewish music in Europe. In the rest of the world her reputation as a singer, storyteller and teacher is growing rapidly. She recently started to write her own songs, presented here on her new album Vaytinke.The central theme of this cd is ‘distance and proximity’. Vayt is yiddish for ‘far’ or ‘far away’, Vaytinke is a diminutive invented by Shura. The cd aims to connect past and present, old and new Yiddish poetry by sharing this with friends, far and close. Shura works with her ensemble Novaya Shira. This is Russian/Hebrew for ‘new song’ and the band consists of virtuoso musicians, who successfully combine klezmer music with classical arrangements and improvisations. The ensemble is specialised in new Yiddish songs and repertoire from the former Soviet-Union. Shura and her band perform seventeen songs and instrumentals in surprising and attractive arrangements.
Vaytinke CUP8058