Renato Borghetti

Flamboyant accordionist Renato Borghetti and his quartet present their new project ‘Gaita na Fábrica’ (Accordion in the Factory). It is produced entirely in the cultural space where Borghetti is developing his new social project, the ‘Fábrica de Gaiteiros’ (Factory of Accordionists). It is a magical, inspiring place where children and young adults can develop their love for music and at the same time learn how to play and build the ‘gaita ponto’ or 8 bass diatonic accordion, the instrument that represents the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Most of the twelve compositions on this album, are composed by Renato Borghetti and his musical friends who have been working together for over 20 years. They are the fruit of many years of shared friendship and travelling. The compositions are a mature and contemporary twist on the typical rhythms from the south of Brazil. Milongas, vaneiras, xote and chamamés executed in an unconventional and almost classical and jazzy form.
Gaita Na Fábrica S62618

Borghetti, Renato
  • 01/08/2020
    Bad Wildungen, Folk im Park