Dee Day Dub

Since their first album "Chaos Theory" in 2010, the group Dee Day Dub has developed from a large collective into a guerrilla-type and precisely operating working band. The quartet worked on their new songs for two years, sharpening and reducing their aesthetics to some essential features: unique, dark grooves, off-beat melodies, dirty guitar sounds and wildly intelligent lyrics. The CD "Race" features 11 partially linked songs, which the band produced with Ronin leader Nik Bärtsch. The album creates a sound that remains direct and raw despite its new depth and precision. "Urban voodoo grunge" is what co-producer Bärtsch calls the band’s music with a smirk. "This group sounds like a bunch of archaic space pirates playing to an audience of freaky creatures in some underground club on Mars", he adds.
Race RON011