Bobo e l'Orchestrino Rondelli

Roberto Rondelli, songwriter, poet, actor and performer , was born 18 March 1963 in Livorno, a city that has always inspired his career. From the beginning engages in cover bands in creating the trio Les Bijoux, and then form the Ottavo Padiglione (psychiatry department of the Civil Hospital of Livorno), a band that was successful enough outside of Tuscany mainly due to the texts of Rondelli. The result is the single called Ho picchiato la testa, produced by Pirelli, that rages in the radio and sells over 30,000 copies. The artistic life of the Ottavo Padiglione continues with a series of albums until 1999-2000, when the band broke up and Bobo began his solo career. In 2001, in fact, is published Figli del nulla a record that expresses the personality of Bobo, followed a year later by Disperati Intellettuali Ubriaconi, produced and arranged by Stefano Bollani. For critics it is a real success.
A Famous Local Singer PONDCD112