Andrea Pancur

Foto: Yulia Kabakova

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Andrea Pancur has researched the common roots of jiddish Klezmer music and Bavarian folkmusic with her project Alpenklezmer. Weihnukka is a Christmas album that aims to be a sym-biosis of two festivals “Weihnachten” (Christmas) and Hanukka, although they had nothing in common, except that they both are celebrated around the winter solstice. Hanukkah commemorates the liberation through an armed uprising; whereas Christmas promises „Peace on earth among men in whom he is well pleased.“ The term „Weihnukka“ developed in the 19th century, during the Jewish Enlightenment, when it was in vogue for German Jews to adapt to the German customs: presents, a Christmas tree, and simultaneously Hanukkah celebrations with the Hanukkiah and spinning top games for the children. It could have become a charming German-Christian-Jewish symbiosis. Were it not that this delicate root of a newly founded tradition was badly damaged by National Socialism and the Holocaust. Andrea Pancurs message of both festivals is to call on the people to create a better world. Maybe her music may contribute to this purpose.
Weihnukka GMC088

  • 04/09/2023

    Andrea Pancur died completely unexpectedly in mid-August at the age of just 54

    It was with great dismay that we learned of the completely surprising and unexpected death of Andrea Pancur. At only 54 years old, the singer, choir director, organizer and inventor of the alpine klezmer genre was found dead in her apartment in mid-August.

    The connection between Andrea Pancur and Galileo Music goes back to 2012. Back in 2013, Galileo Music released her groundbreaking album "Alpen-Klezmer" with her musical partner Ilya Shneyveys, which earned her an invitation to the prestigious Tanz & Folk Festival in Rudolstadt, where she was presented with the main Ruth Prize. With "Alpen-Klezmer - zum Meer" and the Christmas/Chanukka album "Weihnukka" two more albums followed, in which Andrea expressed her desire for cultural understanding at the highest artistic level.

    The release of another album with her new project Pumpkin Machine was scheduled for January, and work on the album's release was well underway until shortly before Andrea Pancur's death.

    Andrea Pancur was one of Galileo Music's great and magnificent artists who perfectly embodied Galileo Music's label philosophy. It was a great honor for us to accompany her on her artistic path. Her unexpected and much too early death is a great human and artistic loss. ...more