Andrea Pancur

Weihnukka GMC088

  • 13/11/2013

    Andrea Pancur new artist at Galileobooking

    Together with her musical partner Ilya Shneyweys the singer Andrea Pancur from Munich researched the commonalities of bavarian and jewish treasury of songs and formed a more than surprising new project called "Alpen Klezmer". She was arwarded with the Innovation award for folk music in Bavaria 2012 and joined some bavarian and international musicians like Stofferl Well, Lorin Sklarnberg, Anschi Hacklinger, Guy Schalom together for the recording of her album. Andrea presents her project live in different formats from a duo with Ilya Shneyweys to an octett with international line-up ...more
Pancur, Andrea
  • 29/11/2019