Danças Ocultas

The accordion quartet Danças Ocultas with Artur Fernandes, Filipe Cal, Filipe Ricardo and Francisco Miguel São is known with their three decades of career as one the great contemporary musical treasures of the Portuguese music scene. „Dentro Desse Mar“ is probably the most ambitious album so far in their career. Due to the many collaborations in the last years they came in contact with the Brazilian cellist, composer and producer Jaques Morelenbaum and developed the idea to record in Brazil. This enabled them to invite other great Brazilian artists like Robertinho Silva, Marcelo Cota or Zelia Duncan. The music on their new album is like a journey from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro. Some pieces are very much influenced by Portugal others breathe the atmosphere or Rio de Janeiro. In between both poles there is the Atlantic that divides and connects both cities .
Dentro Desse Mar GMC083