It´s been two years since PALYRRIA have unleashed their unique crossculture musical style upon the unsuspecting greek audience. And even though their last hit single “Ikariotikos” is still amongst the first choices for a greek style party shakedown, their audience has been yearning for more of their unique fusion between ancient greek and balkan music vs urban electronica. After 15 months in the making, Methexy is PALYRRIA‘s latest statement. 10 brand new tracks that transform some of the most well know traditional greek dances into modern musical pieces feet for the digital generation, while still maintaining the soul and wisdom of their ancient roots. Aeolian scales, pentatonic music, instruments that come out of the depths of history, are presented alongside pumping bass lines, techno grooves, vocoders, clicks and cuts, in an attempt to create music that transcends the centuries and is both ancient and futuristic at the same time. A combination that is uncompromising and subversive, yet sweetly invites the audience in a journey through time, back in the days when emotion was the only driving force behind musical expression.
Methexy PR1087-2