Daniel Weber

Daniel Weber, who lives in Saarbrücken, presents on his debut solo album „Dramatis Personæ“ an astounding richness of facets of his playing skills. He transfers aspects of composing for ensemble play to the solo area widening the drumming sound repertoire by sharpening thematic and melodic parameters on a virtuoso rhythmical basis. Daniel Weber has developed all compositions in a direct improvising process on the instruments. Surprising turns and the exciting mesh of different sound and rhythm levels form a thrilling counterpoint to the emotional content of his melodic structures and their friction with the musical motion. Improvising musician Daniel Weber melts aspects of stimuli of the Neue Musik concerning composition and sound (e.g. Xenakis, Reich, Bartok) with elements of jazz (and its proponents as, e.g. Elvin Jones or Tony Oxley), interpreting his instrument in the process in an astounding, sometimes breath-taking way, not only metrically, agogically or dynamically but melodic and gesticulatory.
Dramatis Personæ JHM277