They are profoundly mysterious: the traditional, ritual laryngeal chants of the Central Asian land of Tuva. For with their unique song technique, the singers from the steppe develop an enthralling sound cosmos rich in undertones and overtones. Something that is no longer a mystery, however, is the world-wide success of the Tuvan quartet HUUN-HUUR-TU, now an established name in international world music, thanks to their modern presentation of traditional laryngeal singing. The ensemble receives now a bigger acceptance with a new young audience which brings a lot of demands for vinyl. This is the reason there first album: „60 horses in my here“ is released now as audiophile 180 gram record. The new interest in the group comes from a youtube video which was seens by around 5 million viewers all around the world. HUUN-HUUR-TU is touring permanently around the world. With the vinyl release they received first time orders from China, where they are touring since 3 years.