Constantinople & Belem


Turning our ears to distant lands, toward imagination and illusion, we create the present moment. An unprecedented meeting between the deeply moving worlds of accordionist Didier Laloy and musical adventurer Kiya Tabassian, along with Kathy Adam (cello) and Didem Basar (kanun). This new creation for the two duos will immerse you in a marvellously rich acoustic world, one of breathtaking originality and virtuosity. As in all his albums, the Constantinople ensemble brings us in unexpected spaces-time and artistic encounters. He proposes us here to listen to what is beyond the horizon, to focus on the imaginary and the illusion, to live the present time. A remarkable encounter between East and West, mixing in a fluid and organic way the Oriental and European sounds, to the point of not being able to distinguish one from the other ; but also the harmonious blend of four instruments and artists from different backgrounds.

Horizons Lointains CONS1703