Heigh Chief


Rougher and more diverse
Heigh Chief’s goal has always been to create their own sound and expression. The music is still with a touch of blues, but on this album has also become rougher and more diverse. In Heigh Chief they all have different musical references, and they’ve brought this into their expression. The songs move through several genres, but common to all of them are the band’s fascination and inspiration from rock, blues, jazz and Americana, from artists such as Paul Simon, Blake Mills and Robben Ford. Before the recording of this album, Heigh Chief spent more time on songwriting and arranging than before, and the music is this time characterized more by each individual in the band.

The band has recently distinguished themselves in the Norwegian and also German music market, as an incredible live band with their own original songs with a unique musicality. Heigh Chiefs’ festival success in Germany led to radio sent concert at DeutchLandFunk, one of Germany’s biggest radio stations in 2015. This opened the doors for the band in the Gemrman market, and they are now touring regularly in Germany. On the road, the band occasionally brings Lars Christian Narum (Hellbillies) with them on the organ.

Heigh Chief BMCD6535