Jorge Pardo


For some time now, Jorge Pardo has accustomed his followers to expect from him the unexpected. Now, after the release of his "Stories of Radha and Krishna" in 2014, Jorge Pardo presents DJINN METAFLAMENCO. The musician own experience with flamenco along with his embrace with Jazz and the creative and interpretive inception of freedom that it represents, gives us a ripe fruit rich in nuances, succulent in its foundation and sublime in content. Hammond organs, keyboards with acid sounds, forceful drums, electric bass and flamenco guitars join the contribution of DJs and electronic music producers, working with samples of old “flamenco cantes” and hip hop poetry.

Colors and shapes for a free music canvas, as always marbled by the freedom of jazz and dyed by the feeling of flamenco that transforms into contemporary urban music, hosting the most intimate pulse of Pardo’s daily life.

Djinn JPCR1602