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Riserva Moac La Musica Dei Populi BAY006 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberBAY006
labelBayla Records
Release date14/08/2009

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      When you´re young and living in a small town, far away from the big cities with all their excitements and adventures, their promises and temptations, you might feel a little cramped from time to time. Usually there are two ways to cope with that feeling. Either you put up with it and live your life like everyone else, or you try to escape. But what if you are to homebound to leave and to free-minded to integrate yourself in the old, muggy structures? Then your only chance lies in your fantasy.
      Riserva Moac chose that way. The six-man-and-one-girl Global-Beat group has its origins in Bojano, a small town in the rural area of Molise in the middle of Italy. Not much to do there for young folks, so front-man Fabrizio, front-woman Maya and all the others invented a parallel world in their fantasies, a reservation, thats dedicated completely to their music and their picture of a free, creative and humane live. They named it Riserva Moac. Moac stands for Molise-Orient-Africa-Cuba, the bands main musical sources, but it could as well stand for Munich-Oldenburg-Augsburg-Cottbus as Fabrizio declares.
      Music for one world, thats the program behind Riserva Moacs music and thats what the title of their new record „La Musica dei Popoli“ really means. In their lyrics Fabrizio and Maya talk about tolerance between different cultures but pick up some new and old problems of their homeland as well. To achieve such high aims it takes creativity, flexibility, musicality and radicalness. Riserva Moac have it all . They are all educated, professional musicians and they all have a special passion for instruments and musical styles from all over the world and especially from Italy. Alongside with all love for tradition, sometimes a refreshing bowl of Gelato-Italo-Pop is just the right thing or even a bit of that Gianna-Nannini-style hard-rock roaring.
      With all these premises, „La Musica dei Popoli“ becomes a wild ride through all popular folk-styles of the world on the back of a horse thats snorting Ska and Rock. The musicians´ exceptional talent makes the whole thing round, from the first note on you´ll hear the bands highly differentiated and individual style. The riffs and melodies are catchy as can be, no matter if a medieval flute, an akkordeon, an electric guitar or even all together are involved.
      Riserva Moac think of their selves as a dancing band, because through the dance they can connect with people. Quite important for a band with a message like this. Therefor most of the tracks on „La Musica dei Popoli“ are an invitation to get crazy on the dancefloor. But yet there are these quiet moments, too, for example when they do a dizzy drunken tango on „Barumba´“. There are a lot of surprises hidden in the record, the spectrum of musical styles and arrangements leaves you staggered sometimes. You´ll even forget where in the world you exactly are. Is it Africa, the Orient, Italy or even Bavaria? Riserva Moacs first single „Ecce Moac“ really makes you think of beergardens and Blasmusik for a short while.
      „La Musica dei Popoli“ is Riserva Moacs debut in Germany, in autumn 2009 they will present the record on a extensive tour through Germany. After that their reservation will for sure have some more inhabitants.

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      CD 1
      • 1.La musica dei popoli03:48
      • 2.Il mio delirio04:13
      • 3.Ecce moac04:39
      • 4.Mi lamento05:14
      • 5.Andare camminare lavorare04:56
      • 6.Riassunto04:06
      • 7.Il riservista03:30
      • 8.Te voje fa girà04:32
      • 9.Canzone della buona compagnia04:13
      • 10.Barumbà05:12
      • 11.Romantica03:44
      • 12.L´indifferente04:26
      • 13.La giudecca03:25
      • Total:55:58