Jazz  Rhythm and Blues
Ray Charles The Grand Master 1944-1962 His Inspiration / His Influence FA5873 7 CD
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Format7 Audio CD
Ordering NumberFA5873
labelFremeaux & Associes
Release date17/05/2024

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      Er bleibt eine der größten musikalischen Ikonen des 20. Jahrhunderts, und Ray Charles gilt als Pionier des Rock 'n' Roll, als Genie des Soul und des modernen R&B sowie als Erfinder des Pop. Diese Analyse von Joël Dufour konzentriert sich auf das Universum von Ray fast von Geburt an und hebt die Begeisterung hervor, die Ray in den Jahrzehnten der fünfziger und sechziger Jahre hervorrief. In "Seine Inspiration" werden Jazz, Gospel, Country und Blues beleuchtet, bevor in "Sein Einfluss" hervorgehoben wird, wie seine Musik Künstler wie die Everly Brothers, Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, Booker T & the MGs, Harry Belafonte und Elvis Presley beeinflusste. Dies ist die "Revolution" von Ray Charles, erklärt von ihrem größten Spezialisten.

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      • 1.The King Cole Trio I Realize Now 03:11
      • 2.Ray Charles I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now 02:20
      • 3.Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers Travelin’ Blues 02:53
      • 4.Ray Charles Lonely Boy 02:50
      • 5.Tommy Dorsey This Love of Mine 03:44
      • 6.Ray Charles This Love of Mine 03:04
      • 7.Leroy Carr How Long, How Long Blues 03:02
      • 8.Ray Charles [as “Maxim Trio”] How Long Blues 02:37
      • 9.St. Louis Jimmy Going Down Slow 03:14
      • 10.Ray Charles “I’ve Had My Fun” [Going Down Slow] 02:43
      • 11.Lowell Fulson Sinner’s Prayer 02:56
      • 12.Ray Charles Sinner’s Prayer 03:24
      • 13.Guitar Slim Feelin’ Sad 02:36
      • 14.Ray Charles Feelin’ Sad 02:51
      • 15.Buddy Johnson That’s How I Feel 03:14
      • 16.Ray Charles Don’t You Know 02:58
      • 17.The Dixie Hummingbirds Lord If I Go 02:40
      • 18.Southern Tones It Must Be Jesus 02:44
      • 19.Ray Charles I’ve Got a Woman (live version)05:27
      • 20.Walter Davis Come Back Baby 02:45
      • 21.Ray Charles Come Back Baby 03:07
      • 22.Clyde Hart’s All Stars That’s the Blues 02:58
      • 23.Ray Charles A Fool for You 03:03
      • 24.The Caravans What Kind Of Man Is This 02:25
      • 25.The Famous Ward Singers This Little Light of Mine 02:44
      • 26.Ray Charles This Little Girl of Mine 02:31
      • Total:01:18:01
      more CD 2
      • 1.Lloyd Glenn Blues Hangover 02:28
      • 2.Ray Charles “A Bit of Soul” [Blues Hangover] 02:20
      • 3.T- Bone Walker Hard Way 02:08
      • 4.Ray Charles Mary Ann 02:48
      • 5.Sonny Thompson I’ll Drown in My Tears 02:51
      • 6.Ray Charles Drown in My Own Tears 03:22
      • 7.Gospel All Stars That’s Why I Love Him So 02:26
      • 8.Ray Charles Hallelujah I Love Her So (live version)03:05
      • 9.Gospel All Stars What could I do 02:50
      • 10.Ray Charles What Would I Do Without You 02:37
      • 11.The Pilgrim Travelers How Jesus Died 02:57
      • 12.Ray Charles Lonely Avenue 02:36
      • 13.Cecil Shaw with the Alpha-Omega Singers I Want to Know 02:40
      • 14.Ray Charles I Want to Know 02:11
      • 15.Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet Let That Liar Alone 02:03
      • 16.Swan’s Silvertone Singers I’m Gonna Wait 03:04
      • 17.Ray Charles Leave My Woman Alone 02:41
      • 18.Horace Silver & the Jazz Messengers Doodlin’ 06:47
      • 19.Ray Charles Doodlin’ 05:55
      • 20.The Original Gospel Harmonettes That’s Enough 02:33
      • 21.Ray Charles That’s Enough 02:46
      • 22.T- Bone Walker I Want a Little Girl02:48
      • 23.Ray Charles I Want a Little Girl02:56
      • 24.Tommy Dorsey Yes Indeed 03:30
      • 25.The Original Five Blind Boys I Never Heard A Man 02:55
      • 26.Ray Charles Yes Indeed 02:14
      • Total:01:17:31
      more CD 3
      • 1.Charlie Parker’s All Stars Warming Up A Riff 02:34
      • 2.Ray Charles The Spirit-Feel 04:21
      • 3.Charley Parker’s Ree Boppers Now`s The Time 03:19
      • 4.Ray Charles & Milt Jackson X-Ray Blues 08:11
      • 5.Louis Jordan & his Tympany Five Early in the Mornin’ 03:23
      • 6.Ray Charles Early in the Mornin’ 02:47
      • 7.Dinah Shore Come Rain or Come Shine 02:55
      • 8.Ray Charles Come Rain or Come Shine (1st version - Live) 07:03
      • 9.Louis Jordan & his Tympany Five Let the Good Times Roll 02:50
      • 10.Ray Charles Let the Good Times Roll (live version)02:42
      • 11.Percy Mayfield, with Monroe Tucker and his orchestra Two Years of Torture 03:02
      • 12.Ray Charles Two Years of Torture 03:26
      • 13.Louis Armstrong Alexander’s Ragtime Band 02:37
      • 14.Ray Charles Alexander’s Ragtime Band (live version)02:36
      • 15.Hank Snow and his Rainbow Ranch Boys I’m Moving On 02:49
      • 16.Ray Charles I’m Movin’ On 02:22
      • 17.Billie Holiday Georgia on My Mind03:20
      • 18.Ray Charles Georgia on My Mind (live version)06:50
      • 19.Cecil Gant I Wonder 02:49
      • 20.Ray Charles I Wonder 02:30
      • Total:01:12:26
      more CD 4
      • 1.Big Maceo Worried Life Blues02:57
      • 2.Ray Charles “Some Day Baby” [Worried Life Blues] 03:01
      • 3.Ray Charles Worried Life Blues 03:10
      • 4.Johnny Mercer Margie 01:59
      • 5.Ray Charles Margie (live version)02:21
      • 6.Woody Herman I’ve Got News for You 03:24
      • 7.Ray Charles I’ve Got News for You 04:34
      • 8.The Clovers One Mint Julep 02:34
      • 9.Ray Charles One Mint Julep (live version)03:02
      • 10.Percy Mayfield Hit the Road Jack 01:33
      • 11.Ray Charles Hit the Road Jack (live version)02:06
      • 12.Bessie Smith Careless Love Blues 03:28
      • 13.Ray Charles Careless Love (live version)05:14
      • 14.The Everly Brothers Bye Bye Love 02:24
      • 15.Ray Charles Bye Bye Love (live version)02:10
      • 16.Don Gibson I Can’t Stop Loving You 02:38
      • 17.Ray Charles I Can’t Stop Loving You (live version) 03:23
      • 18.Jimmie Davis with Charles Mitchell’s orchestra You Are My Sunshine 02:51
      • 19.Ray Charles You Are My Sunshine 03:01
      • 20.Ray Charles Come Rain or Come Shine* (2nd version - Live) 07:19
      • 21.Ray Charles I Believe to My Soul03:37
      • Total:01:06:46
      more CD 5
      • 1.Ray Charles The Sun’s Gonna Shine Again02:38
      • 2.Eddie Bo I’m So Tired02:47
      • 3.Ray Charles Mess Around02:40
      • 4.Sammy Davis Jr. Mess Around02:51
      • 5.Ray Charles Losing Hand03:13
      • 6.Harry Belafonte Losing Hand04:19
      • 7.Ray Charles Don’t You Know02:57
      • 8.Stevie Wonder Don’t You Know03:04
      • 9.Ray Charles I’ve Got a Woman02:54
      • 10.Geneva Vallier You Said You Had a Woman (I Got a Woman)02:46
      • 11.Jo Stafford I Got a Sweetie02:47
      • 12.Elvis Presley I Got a Woman02:25
      • 13.King Curtis I’ve Got a Woman04:59
      • 14.Jimmy McGriff I’ve Got a Woman04:35
      • 15.Ray Charles A Fool for You03:02
      • 16.Ford Eaglin By the Water02:38
      • 17.Bob Gaddy What Wrong Did I Do02:24
      • 18.Bobby Peterson Quintet One Day02:21
      • 19.Isley Brothers A Fool for You03:08
      • 20.Ray Charles This Little Girl of Mine02:35
      • 21.Gloria Lynne This Little Boy of Mine02:06
      • 22.Everly Brothers This Little Girl of Mine02:18
      • 23.Ray Charles Drown in My Own Tears03:23
      • 24.Jackie DeShannon I’ll Drown in My Own Tears02:21
      • Total:01:11:11
      more CD 6
      • 1.Ray Charles Mary Ann02:47
      • 2.Lloyd Price Mary Anne02:37
      • 3.Paul Moer Mary Ann02:31
      • 4.Ray Charles Hallelujah I Love Her So02:35
      • 5.Count Basie & his Orchestra Hallelujah I Love Her So02:41
      • 6.Timi Yuro Hallelujah, I Love Her So01:57
      • 7.Eddie Cochran Hallelujah I Love Her So02:20
      • 8.Ella Fitzgerald Hallelujah I Love Her So02:37
      • 9.Ray Charles Lonely Avenue02:36
      • 10.Booker T. and the MG’s Lonely Avenue03:26
      • 11.Ray Charles Leave My Woman Alone02:40
      • 12.Herbie Cox Leave My Woman Alone02:22
      • 13.Ray Charles Sweet Sixteen Bars04:07
      • 14.Earl Grant Sweet Sixteen Bars04:24
      • 15.Ray Charles It’s All Right02:16
      • 16.Pete Fountain It’s All Right03:07
      • 17.Ray Charles Ain’t That Love02:53
      • 18.Brenda Lee Ain’t That Love02:49
      • 19.Bill Henderson with the Jimmy Smith trio Ain’t That Love02:45
      • 20.Allen Toussaint Happy Times02:09
      • 21.Ray Charles Rockhouse (Parts 1 & 2)03:56
      • 22.Perry Lee Blackwell Rockhouse02:35
      • 23.Sandy Nelson Rockhouse02:14
      • 24.Ray Charles Swanee River Rock (Talkin’ ‘Bout That River)02:21
      • 25.Jim Breedlove Swanee River Rock02:49
      • 26.Ray Charles Talkin’ ‘Bout You02:50
      • 27.Brenda Lee Talkin’ ‘Bout You02:39
      • Total:01:15:03
      more CD 7
      • 1.Ray Charles Tell All the World About You02:02
      • 2.Paula Watson Tell All the World About You02:12
      • 3.Peggy Lee Tell All the World About You02:33
      • 4.Ray Charles Tell Me How Do You Feel02:41
      • 5.Bobby Darin Tell Me How Do You Feel02:51
      • 6.Ray Charles What’d I Say (Parts 1 & 2)05:06
      • 7.Clyde McPhatter What’d I Say02:12
      • 8.Jerry Lee Lewis What’d I Say02:26
      • 9.Sandy Nelson What’d I Say02:40
      • 10.The Drivers High Gear02:02
      • 11.Ray Charles I Believe to My Soul03:00
      • 12.Bobby Parker Steal Your Heart Away02:25
      • 13.Ray Charles Them That Got02:49
      • 14.Richard “Groove” Holmes Them That’s Got06:25
      • 15.Ray Charles Sticks and Stones02:14
      • 16.Wanda Jackson Sticks and Stones02:13
      • 17.The Mar-Keys Sticks and Stones02:01
      • 18.Ray Charles One Mint Julep03:07
      • 19.Willie Mitchell One Mint Julep02:36
      • 20.Ray Charles Hit the Road Jack01:58
      • 21.Nina Simone Come on Back, Jack02:17
      • 22.The Chantels Well, I Told You02:23
      • 23.Lou Bennett Hit the road Jack01:34
      • 24.Lou Bennett Georgia on my mind03:27
      • 25.Lou Bennett One Mint Julep02:27
      • 26.Lou Bennett What’d I Say02:26
      • 27.Ray Charles Georgia on my mind06:48
      • Total:01:16:55