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Carlo Maver & Paolo Fresu & Hesam Inanlou Solenne VM3056 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberVM3056
Release date14/06/2024
  • Daniele Franchi
  • Gabriele Lugli
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  • Un Altro Studio

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      "Solenne" is the new album by Carlo Maver, a flautist, bandoneon player, and composer, one of the very few musicians in the world to have been a pupil of the great Argentine bandoneon player Dino Saluzzi.

      The album is an important milestone in a long musical and geographical journey that has seen Maver play with various formations and travel to places like Kurdistan, Mali, the Sahara Desert, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, and Indonesia. The culmination of this journey is "Solenne," recorded solo on the bandoneon, flute, bass flute, and moxeno (Andean flute), featuring special guests such as trumpeter Paolo Fresu, following the successful collaboration on the "Ferlinghetti" tour, and the Iranian master of Kamanche (Middle Eastern vertical violin) Hesam Inanlou. The album contains 10 original compositions by Maver, as well as reinterpretations of two classics including "Volver," with a strong lyrical vein and elegiac tone.

      "Why 'Solenne'?" Maver explains, "solemn because the release of a new album is a kind of artistic x-ray of oneself, one's direction, and one's intentions. Solemn because, as far as I'm concerned, a new album involves three years of life in composition, creation, and production, and I'm pleased to find myself still in search of a ritual that sees music as a means of introspection and listening rather than entertainment. The solo, a kind of ode to fragility, to the courage to expose oneself to one's limits in order to overcome them, to the courage not to fill a silence. A fragility that turns into strength through music, resolving the apparent oxymoron."

      An album that arises from numerous inspirations: on one side, the personal events of the artist, from the solitudes of the Covid lockdowns to the loss of his parents, on the other, an awareness that after having played in more or less large formations, Maver felt the need to measure himself again with the solo dimension (this time with some touches of electronics), stripping away the frills in search of the essential, enhancing the nature of music, which resonates powerfully, where even silences take on fundamental importance. Playing solo has also allowed revealing aspects of oneself and music in a unique and profound way.

      The album was realized with the contribution of Bologna City of Music and the Municipality of Bologna.


      Carlo Maver is a flutist, bandoneon player, and composer with a passion for solitary travels in exotic and remote countries such as Kurdistan, Mali, the Sahara Desert, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, and Indonesia. These life experiences serve as authentic sources of creative inspiration for his music. Maver begins with melody to develop his lyrical musical discourse, imbued with Tango and Mediterranean sounds. He was one of the few students of the great Argentine bandoneon player Dino Saluzzi and has performed in Iran, Portugal, Spain, France, Albania, Argentina, Australia, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Germany, England, and Iran.

      Since 2008, he has been the creator and artistic director of various music festivals related to Places, from natural emergencies such as mountains and caves to locations characterized by strong natural reverb. In 2017, he published the autobiographical book "Azalai 1500 kilometers on foot in the desert," a travel diary of 1500 km across the Sahara on camelback.

      "Volver" is Carlo Maver's latest album, produced by Visage Music in 2019. A discographic work for flutes and bandoneon dedicated to sound and listening, entirely recorded in a church. He has four solo discographic works to his name and conducts an intense concert activity in Italy and abroad. In 2022, he participated in Paolo Fresu's tour with the "Ferlinghetti" project.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Llamada II01:08
      • 2.Andino Gregoriano06:29
      • 3.Volver02:13
      • 4.Lalisa02:57
      • 5.Guerriero01:31
      • 6.La morte non esiste06:24
      • 7.Il vento porta, il vento porta via04:34
      • 8.Preghiera Andina04:13
      • 9.Figli del vento04:08
      • 10.Vidala para mi sombra03:58
      • 11.Repetita Juvant03:27
      • 12.Back then, we also had been03:06
      • Total:44:08