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Hasse Poulsen & Tomasz Dabrowski & Fredrik Lundin Unknown Winter BMCCD341 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberBMCCD341
labelBMC Music
Release date08/03/2024

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      Three distinctive characters of European jazz come together on Hasse Poulsen’s new trio album. The members of the trio live in three different countries: the Danish-born guitarist is now based in Paris, Fredrik Lundin made his home in Denmark, while Polish Tomasz Dabrowski moved to Sweden, after working in Denmark for a long time. As the three musicians dispersed across the continent, the material on this album is as varied, diverse and full of twists, but with a palpable common musical denominator throughout.

      Hasse Poulsen is one of those seasoned and open-minded musicians who are as bold in their reworking of pub songs as they are astonishing in their ability to think up contemporary compositions. In contrast to the still very popular ideal of music that is rhythmically, harmonically or in any other aspect complicated, Poulsen swears by simplicity, leaving ample room for improvisation and individual, spontaneous musical ideas. The album includes both emotive, melodic tracks and contemporary atonal compositions, but all musical references and frameworks used are intended to liberate the imagination and show new directions. Some of these songs seem sacred, others rebellious. Sometimes the “trialogue” is gentle and empathetic, at other times it erupts into stark contrasts. The three musicians may flatter each other in one song, only to keep an insurmountable distance from one another in the next.

      The members of the trio are all confident soloists with extensive knowledge and experience of several musical genres. Hasse Poulsen is best known for his ensemble Das Kapital (with Daniel Erdmann and Edward Perraud), but he has also toured the continent as a duo with Hélène Labarrière and as a member of the trio Kaleidoscope, while in Tom’s Wild Years he can also be heard singing. The Danish-born guitarist has been adventuring with Fredrik Lundin in various styles and bands for three decades, but until recently they never formed a band together, searching for the best opportunity and medium in which their shared experiences could finally crystallize. The line-up on this album grew out of the trio he formed with Thomas Fryland, later replaced by Tomasz Dabrowski: the Polish-born trumpeter, who studied in Denmark, was invited by Lundin, with whom he plays in several bands. Dabrowski, considered by DownBeat magazine to be one of the most versatile and curious players in Europe today, is a stakeholder of Polish jazz trumpet playing, and despite his young age, he has the opportunity to play on the instrument of his former teacher, Tomasz Stanko. At once bold and lyrical, his playing perfectly complements, and sometimes unexpectedly counterbalances, the well-tried duo of Poulsen and Lundin.

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      CD 1
      • 1.DRUM SOLO04:23
      • 2.COUNTING STARS04:04
      • 3.ON WALLS04:55
      • 4.WASP AND BUTTERFLY03:37
      • 5.SHADOW, MY SWEET NURSE05:03
      • 6.SO TO SPEAK02:29
      • 7.NATIVES04:00
      • 8.ANY BRIGHT EYE06:26
      • 9.DARK MOON03:01
      • 10.UNKNOWN WINTER05:41
      • 12.LET THE BELLS RING04:42
      • 14.HOLY ROOM03:40
      • Total:57:42