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Robert Fripp Exposures - 32 disc boxed set CD, DVD, Blu-Ray in a 12” box RFBX101 25 CD/3 DVD-A/4 BluRay
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Format25 Audio CD / 3 DVD Audio / 4 BluRay Disc
Ordering NumberRFBX101
Release date27/05/2022

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      • Ninth in a series of boxed sets collecting King Crimson/Robert Fripp material from 1969 to 2008, this is the
      • single largest set in the series and one of the most comprehensive boxed sets devoted to a single period of an
      • artist’s career released to date
      • Features the complete collection of Robert Fripp’s studio and live solo material from 1977-1983
      • Covers the period from the first Exposure sessions to the end of The League of Gentlemen and final
      • Frippertronics concerts.
      • Steven Wilson mixes of Exposure in (in two versions), Under Heavy Manners, The League of Gentlemen
      • studio recordings and numerous unreleased tracks from the albums’ sessions appear in Dolby Atmos, DTS-
      • HD 5.1 Surround and 24/96 hi-res stereo audio on Blu-Ray discs 1 and 4.
      • David Singleton mixes of God Save the Queen, Let the Power Fall and the Washington Square Church
      • Frippertronics album appear in DTS-HD Surround (Quad/4.1) and in hi-res stereo ranging from 24/48
      • (WSC), 24/96 GSTQ) to 24/192 (LTPF) on Blu-Ray discs 1 and 4.
      • In addition, all editions and versions of Exposure (including previously unreleased), original masters of all
      • of the albums from the period and a wealth of additional material, much of it previously unreleased appear
      • on Blu-Ray in hi-res stereo audio on those discs.
      • Two further Blu-Ray discs present the complete DGM archive of Frippertronics loops, masters and concert
      • performances – over 68 hours of music in 24/48 hi-res stereo
      • Three DVDs feature the main albums in 5.1, quad and hi-res stereo Twenty five CDs present material including the earliest existing master loops, all of the albums in new Steven Wilson and David Singleton mixes, plus original mixes newly mastered and a number of studio and live discs featuring previously unreleased and/or music new to disc
      • All CDs included appropriate additional material
      • Presented in a 12” box containing extensive notes and photos from throughout this era and lots of memorabilia including tickets, posters, press releases and more

      After King Crimson's dissolution in 1974, Robert Fripp embarked on a lengthy sabbatical away from the public eye. His relocation from Great Britain to New York in February 1978 marked his return as a producer, solo artist, and ‘wild card’ collaborator with an impressive roster of artists including Daryl Hall, Blondie, Peter Gabriel, and David Bowie. Fripp's first solo album, Exposure, was released in 1979. A further two solo records, Under Heavy Manners/God Save The Queen and Let The Power Fall followed, and in 1980 he formed The League Of Gentlemen. Described as a New Wave dance band, this led to King Crimson's reformation in 1981.

      Presented over 25CDs, 3DVD discs (audio only), and 4 Blu-Ray discs (audio only), this is the most comprehensive and detailed account of Robert Fripp’s solo material from that era, much of it previously unreleased. Included are new stereo, 5.1 Surround Sound, Dolby Atmos and Surround/Quadraphonic mixes by Steven Wilson and David Singleton. Also featured is the complete DGM archive of Frippertronics - over 68 hours of Frippertronics concerts and loops archived and audio restored, with the majority of these available for the first time on disc and many heard for the first time since they were first performed and recorded between 1977 and 1983.

      This set is a fitting testament to an intensely creative and radically diverse chapter in Robert Fripp’s career.

      Tracklist hide

      hideVol. 1: CDMajor Loops I
      • 1.Robert FrippMajor Loops I12:18
      • Total:12:18
      moreVol. 2: CDMajor Loops II
      • 1.Robert FrippMajor Loops II00:06
      • Total:00:06
      moreVol. 3: CDMajor Loops III
      • 1.Robert FrippMajor Loops III59:25
      • 2.Robert FrippLoops: Breathless12:51
      • Total:01:12:16
      moreVol. 4: CDNYC: Exposure Master Loops and Lost In The Bush of Ghosts
      • 1.Robert FrippExposure Master Loops I30:58
      • 2.Robert FrippExposure Master Loops II19:35
      • 3.Robert FrippC Sharp Bass Joins And Becomes Seascape04:14
      • 4.Robert FrippLost In The Bush Of Ghosts I03:31
      • 5.Robert FrippLost In The Bush Of Ghosts II04:51
      • 6.Robert FrippLost In The Bush Of Ghosts III07:17
      • 7.Robert FrippLost In The Bush Of Ghosts IV01:57
      • 8.Robert FrippLost In The Bush Of Ghosts V04:44
      • Total:01:17:07
      moreVol. 5: CDLast Of The Great New York Heartthrobs - Plus: Alternate Takes/Rough Mixes
      • 1.Robert FrippRFBOX101 New CD 5 Master.wav03:38
      • 2.Robert FrippNorth Star03:05
      • 3.Robert FrippDisengage02:55
      • 4.Robert FrippI Smile Like Chicago02:12
      • 5.Robert FrippExposure04:21
      • 6.Robert FrippNY302:17
      • 7.Robert FrippH?aden Two03:11
      • 8.Robert FrippMary02:06
      • 9.Robert FrippBreathless04:45
      • 10.Robert FrippNYCNY/First Inaugural Address To The I.A.C.E Sherborne House03:38
      • 11.Robert FrippWater Music I/Here Comes The Flood05:32
      • 12.Robert FrippWater Music II04:28
      • 13.Robert FrippPostscript00:43
      • 14.Robert FrippExposure II04:20
      • 15.Robert FrippNY302:26
      • 16.Robert FrippYou Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette02:22
      • 17.Robert FrippDisengage02:22
      • 18.Robert FrippChicago02:15
      • 19.Robert FrippChicago02:15
      • 20.Robert FrippMary02:09
      • 21.Robert FrippNorth Star03:12
      • 22.Robert FrippNorth Star 203:10
      • 23.Robert FrippExposure IV04:22
      • 24.Robert FrippNY3 02:21
      • 25.Robert FrippMary02:07
      • Total:01:16:12
      moreVol. 6: CDExposure First Edition, Plus: Flood Loops
      • 1.Robert FrippPreface01:15
      • 2.Robert FrippYou Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette02:23
      • 3.Robert FrippBreathless04:45
      • 4.Robert FrippDisengage02:47
      • 5.Robert FrippNorth Star03:06
      • 6.Robert FrippChicago02:12
      • 7.Robert FrippNY302:24
      • 8.Robert FrippMary02:08
      • 9.Robert FrippExposure04:26
      • 10.Robert FrippH?aden Two02:53
      • 11.Robert FrippUrban Landscape02:35
      • 12.Robert FrippI May Not Have Had Enough Of Me But I've Had Enough Of You03:44
      • 13.Robert FrippFirst Inaugural Address To The I.A.C.E. Sherborne House00:04
      • 14.Robert FrippWater Music I01:27
      • 15.Robert FrippHere Comes The Flood04:06
      • 16.Robert FrippWater Music II04:28
      • 17.Robert FrippPostscript00:41
      • 18.Robert FrippLoops: Here Comes The Flood25:44
      • Total:01:11:08
      moreVol. 7: CDExposure Third Edition, Plus
      • 1.Robert FrippPreface01:15
      • 2.Robert FrippYou Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette02:23
      • 3.Robert FrippBreathless04:42
      • 4.Robert FrippDisengage II02:43
      • 5.Robert FrippNorth Star03:12
      • 6.Robert FrippChicago02:17
      • 7.Robert FrippNew York, New York, New York02:17
      • 8.Robert FrippMary02:08
      • 9.Robert FrippExposure04:26
      • 10.Robert FrippH?aden Two01:57
      • 11.Robert FrippUrban Landscape02:34
      • 12.Robert FrippI May Not Have Had Enough Of Me But I've Had Enough Of You03:37
      • 13.Robert FrippFirst Inagural Address To The I.A.C.E. Sherborne House00:06
      • 14.Robert FrippWater Music I01:19
      • 15.Robert FrippHere Comes The Flood03:55
      • 16.Robert FrippWater Music II03:54
      • 17.Robert FrippPostscript00:47
      • 18.Robert FrippExposure04:36
      • 19.Robert FrippMary02:05
      • 20.Robert FrippDisengage02:50
      • 21.Robert FrippChicago02:02
      • 22.Robert FrippNY302:19
      • 23.Robert FrippExposure04:12
      • 24.Robert FrippUrban Landscape02:26
      • 25.Robert FrippNYCNY04:36
      • 26.Robert FrippHere Comes The Flood05:23
      • Total:01:14:01
      moreVol. 8: CDExposure Fourth Edition - 2021 Stereo Mix, Plus
      • 1.Robert FrippPreface01:15
      • 2.Robert FrippYou Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette02:22
      • 3.Robert FrippBreathless04:46
      • 4.Robert FrippDisengage02:51
      • 5.Robert FrippNorth Star03:13
      • 6.Robert FrippChicago02:15
      • 7.Robert FrippNY302:24
      • 8.Robert FrippMary02:08
      • 9.Robert FrippExposure04:25
      • 10.Robert FrippHååden Two02:52
      • 11.Robert FrippUrban Landscape02:35
      • 12.Robert FrippI May Not Have Had Enough Of Me But I've Had Enough Of You03:44
      • 13.Robert FrippFirst Inaugural Address To The I.A.C.E. Sherborne House00:04
      • 14.Robert FrippWater Music I01:26
      • 15.Robert FrippHere Comes The Flood04:08
      • 16.Robert FrippWater Music II04:30
      • 17.Robert FrippPostscript00:43
      • 18.Robert FrippDisengage02:46
      • 19.Robert FrippChicago02:15
      • 20.Robert FrippNY302:23
      • 21.Robert FrippMary02:08
      • 22.Robert FrippExposure04:26
      • 23.Robert FrippChicago02:06
      • Total:01:01:45
      moreVol. 9: CDBreathless or How I Gradually Internalised The Social Reality of Manhattan Unit It Seemed To Be A Very Reasonable Way of Life, Plus
      • 1.Robert FrippPreface/You Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette03:39
      • 2.Robert FrippNorth Star03:14
      • 3.Robert FrippDisengage02:50
      • 4.Robert FrippChicago02:15
      • 5.Robert FrippExposure04:22
      • 6.Robert FrippNY3 02:19
      • 7.Robert FrippH?aden Two02:54
      • 8.Robert FrippMary02:08
      • 9.Robert FrippBreathless04:47
      • 10.Robert FrippUrban/I May Not/Address 06:23
      • 11.Robert FrippWater Music I/Here Comes The Flood05:31
      • 12.Robert FrippWater Music II06:39
      • 13.Robert FrippPostscript00:44
      • 14.Robert FrippLoops for Married Men30:17
      • Total:01:18:02
      moreVol. 10: CDFrippertronics: The Kitchen, NYC, 5/2/78, Disc I
      • 1.Robert FrippTest Loop03:23
      • 2.Robert FrippLoop I07:33
      • 3.Robert FrippLoop II26:05
      • 4.Robert FrippLoop III12:19
      • 5.Robert FrippLoop IV12:31
      • 6.Robert FrippLoop IV And Solo12:30
      • Total:01:14:21
      moreVol. 11: CDFrippertronics: The Kitchen, NYC, 5/2/78, Disc II
      • 1.Robert FrippLoop I13:14
      • 2.Robert FrippLoop II17:37
      • 3.Robert FrippLoop III31:11
      • 4.Robert FrippPartial Loop III and Solo11:34
      • Total:01:13:36
      moreVol. 12: CDFrippertronics: Wintergarden, Copenhagen 18/5/79 and Polydor, Paris 23/5/79
      • 1.Robert FrippGreen Music For Libraries I14:06
      • 2.Robert FrippGreen Music For Libraries II23:29
      • 3.Robert FrippMusic For Journalists I12:08
      • 4.Robert FrippMusic For Journalists II06:07
      • 5.Robert FrippMusic For Journalists III08:32
      • 6.Robert FrippMusic For Journalists IV14:17
      • Total:01:18:39
      moreVol. 13: CDFrippertronics: Le Pretzel Enchainé, Montreal 19/8/79
      • 1.Robert FrippLoop And Solo I04:13
      • 2.Robert FrippLoop And Solo II07:00
      • 3.Robert FrippRobert Fripp: Dialogue06:24
      • 4.Robert FrippLoop And Solo III13:46
      • 5.Robert FrippRobert Fripp: Dialogue03:41
      • 6.Robert FrippLoop IV 05:07
      • 7.Robert FrippRobert Fripp: Dialogue00:54
      • 8.Robert FrippLoop And Solo IV The Product Of Us All05:21
      • 9.Robert FrippRobert Fripp: Dialogue01:05
      • 10.Robert FrippBerkeley Loop, Montreal Solo10:17
      • 11.Robert Fripp'79 Aug 17 Montreal Loop 07:15
      • 12.Robert Fripp'79 Aug 16 Sainte-Foy Loop07:42
      • Total:01:12:45
      moreVol. 14: CDGod Save The Queen/Under Heavy Manners 2021 Remaster, Plus
      • 1.Robert FrippRed Two Scorer07:03
      • 2.Robert FrippGod Save The Queen10:03
      • 3.Robert Fripp198313:33
      • 4.Robert FrippUnder Heavy Manners05:19
      • 5.Robert FrippThe Zero Of The Signified12:44
      • 6.Robert FrippGod Save The King13:19
      • 7.Robert FrippMusic On Hold (Jam)15:15
      • Total:01:17:16
      moreVol. 15: CDDiscotronics/Under Heavy Manners - 2021 Mixes
      • 1.Robert FrippUnder Heavy Manners (Extended)10:34
      • 2.Robert Fripp1983 (Band Version)04:04
      • 3.Robert FrippThe Zero Of The Signified (Extended)18:34
      • 4.Robert FrippWater Music II (Full Length Version)09:06
      • 5.Robert FrippUnder Heavy Manners 04:57
      • 6.Robert FrippThe Zero Of The Signified 13:19
      • 7.Robert FrippMusic On Hold (Jam)09:03
      • Total:01:09:37
      moreVol. 16: CDUnder Heavy Management/Eurotronics
      • 1.Robert FrippFunky Frippertronics11:28
      • 2.Robert FrippFeel II08:10
      • 3.Robert FrippSpanish Landscape09:38
      • 4.Robert FrippAA III04:06
      • 5.Robert FrippUrban Landscape (Band Version)03:29
      • 6.Robert FrippStep 'n' Fetch It01:43
      • 7.Robert FrippMorning11:55
      • 8.Robert FrippMusic On Hold (Frippertronics Version)06:02
      • 9.Robert FrippSeascape10:27
      • 10.Robert FrippItalian Afternoon02:10
      • 11.Robert FrippWater Music II (Extended)06:27
      • Total:01:15:35
      moreVol. 17: CDThe Leage Of Gentlemen - Paradise Club, Boston, 26/6/80 (2nd Show)
      • 1.The League Of GentlemenRF Announcement00:33
      • 2.The League Of GentlemenInductive Resonance05:10
      • 3.The League Of GentlemenTrap04:46
      • 4.The League Of GentlemenHeptaparaparshinokh02:15
      • 5.The League Of GentlemenRF Announcement00:13
      • 6.The League Of GentlemenThrang Thrang Gozinbulx III03:06
      • 7.The League Of GentlemenBoy At Piano04:06
      • 8.The League Of GentlemenChristian Children Marching Singing03:53
      • 9.The League Of GentlemenDislocated05:07
      • 10.The League Of GentlemenRF Announcement03:07
      • 11.The League Of GentlemenThrang Thrang Gozinbulx II03:09
      • 12.The League Of GentlemenMinor Man03:23
      • 13.The League Of GentlemenPrelude02:18
      • 14.The League Of GentlemenOoh! Mr. Fripp04:48
      • 15.The League Of GentlemenFarewell Johnny Brill04:10
      • 16.The League Of GentlemenEye Needles04:14
      • 17.The League Of GentlemenInductive Resonance05:31
      • 18.The League Of GentlemenHeptaparaparshinokh02:02
      • 19.The League Of GentlemenDislocated05:17
      • 20.The League Of GentlemenDisengage03:06
      • 21.The League Of GentlemenF Sharp Minor04:29
      • Total:01:14:43
      moreVol. 18: CDThrang Thrang Gozinbulx and The League Of Gentlemen (1985 CD Mixes)
      • 1.The League Of GentlemenInductive Resonance05:16
      • 2.The League Of GentlemenThrang Thrang Gozinbulx I02:16
      • 3.The League Of GentlemenTrap04:54
      • 4.The League Of GentlemenBoy At Piano04:24
      • 5.The League Of GentlemenHeptaparaparshinokh02:09
      • 6.The League Of GentlemenThrang Thrang Gozinbulx II03:20
      • 7.The League Of GentlemenChristian Children Marching, Singing03:46
      • 8.The League Of GentlemenOoh! Mr. Fripp04:35
      • 9.The League Of GentlemenDislocated04:25
      • 10.The League Of GentlemenMinor Man03:31
      • 11.The League Of GentlemenThrang Thrang Gozinbulx III03:38
      • 12.The League Of GentlemenFarewell Johnny Brill03:57
      • 13.The League Of GentlemenInductive Resonance05:29
      • 14.The League Of GentlemenRF Combined Announcements00:53
      • 15.The League Of GentlemenHeptaparaparshinokh02:08
      • 16.The League Of GentlemenInductive Resonance04:37
      • 17.The League Of GentlemenCognitive Dissonance02:57
      • 18.The League Of GentlemenDislocated04:34
      • 19.The League Of GentlemenH.G. Wells03:27
      • 20.The League Of GentlemenEye Needles03:14
      • 21.The League Of GentlemenTrap04:43
      • Total:01:18:13
      moreVol. 19: CDThe Leage Of Gentlemen - 2021 Stereo Mixes, Plus Alternate Takes
      • 1.The League Of GentlemenInductive Resonance 04:38
      • 2.The League Of GentlemenMinor Man 03:46
      • 3.The League Of GentlemenHeptaparaparshinokh02:06
      • 4.The League Of GentlemenDislocated 04:36
      • 5.The League Of GentlemenEye Needles 03:14
      • 6.The League Of GentlemenCognitive Dissonance 03:32
      • 7.The League Of GentlemenH.G. Wells03:29
      • 8.The League Of GentlemenTrap04:44
      • 9.The League Of GentlemenGlass Flutes02:14
      • 10.The League Of GentlemenJohnny Brill03:57
      • 11.The League Of GentlemenChristian Children Marching Singing03:44
      • 12.The League Of GentlemenBoy at Piano 04:11
      • 13.The League Of GentlemenInductive Resonance (Alt Take)04:46
      • 14.The League Of GentlemenHeptaparaparshinokh (Alt Take) 02:07
      • 15.The League Of GentlemenDislocated (Alt Take)04:43
      • 16.The League Of GentlemenEye Needles (Alt Take) 03:24
      • 17.The League Of GentlemenTrap (Alt Take)04:47
      • Total:01:03:58
      moreVol. 20: CDLet The Power Fall, 2021 Remaster, Plus
      • 1.Robert Fripp198412:15
      • 2.Robert Fripp198511:13
      • 3.Robert Fripp198605:18
      • 4.Robert Fripp198705:11
      • 5.Robert Fripp198806:29
      • 6.Robert Fripp198911:19
      • 7.Robert Fripp1984 (Single Edit)04:13
      • 8.Robert Fripp1984 (Mix 1)10:02
      • 9.Robert Fripp1984 (Mix 2)10:01
      • Total:01:16:01
      moreVol. 21: CDWashington Square Church, August 1981
      • 1.Robert FrippWashington Square I10:41
      • 2.Robert FrippWashington Square II05:18
      • 3.Robert FrippWashington Square III06:13
      • 4.Robert FrippWashington Square IV05:56
      • 5.Robert FrippWashington Square V07:50
      • 6.Robert FrippWashington Square VI05:24
      • 7.Robert FrippWashington Square VII06:26
      • 8.Robert FrippWashington Square VIII08:22
      • 9.Robert FrippWashington Square IX05:37
      • 10.Robert FrippWashington Square X06:23
      • 11.Robert FrippWashington Square XI10:52
      • Total:01:19:02
      moreVol. 22: DVD-ADVD-Audio 1
      • 1.Robert FrippDVD-A: Exposures
      moreVol. 23: DVD-ADVD-Audio 2
      • 1.Robert FrippDVD-A: God Save the Queen/Under Heavy Manners/The League of Gentlemen
      moreVol. 24: DVD-ADVD-Audio 3
      • 1.Robert FrippDVD-A: Frippertronics
      moreVol. 25: BluRayBluRay 1
      • 1.Robert FrippBluRay: Exposure/God Save the Queen/Under Heavy Manners
      moreVol. 26: BluRayBlueRay2
      • 1.Robert FrippBluRay: The DGM Frippertronics' Archive Vol. 1
      moreVol. 27: BluRayBluRay 3
      • 1.Robert FrippBluRay: The DGM Frippertronics' Archive Volume II
      moreVol. 28: BluRayBluRay 4
      • 1.Robert FrippBluRay: The League of Gentlemen/Let The Power Fall/Washington Square Church
      moreVol. 29: CDResplendent in Divergence
      • 1.Robert FrippSeattle Space Music02:58
      • 2.Robert FrippHouse Of Music05:00
      • 3.Robert FrippCelebration05:46
      • 4.Robert FrippUrban Landscape II12:15
      • 5.Robert FrippUrban Landscape III10:24
      • 6.Robert FrippEaster Sunday05:25
      • 7.Robert FrippGood King Wenceslas11:09
      • 8.Robert FrippSilent Night02:52
      • 9.Robert FrippVolo Ergo Sum01:35
      • 10.Robert FrippNight I03:29
      • 11.Robert FrippNight II06:34
      • 12.Robert FrippMarriagemuzic11:44
      • Total:01:19:11
      moreVol. 30: CDBlasts & Blasms: Sessions, Jams and Rehearsals
      • 1.Robert FrippSlow Stomp 103:37
      • 2.Robert FrippCry To The Faith05:49
      • 3.Robert FrippFat Itch Theory02:02
      • 4.Robert FrippSlow Stomp 201:24
      • 5.Robert FrippHitting The Groove Factor11:34
      • 6.Robert FrippToy Fact Hither06:03
      • 7.Robert Fripp353 West 48th Street09:17
      • 8.Robert FrippGroove01:20
      • 9.Robert FrippYou Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette IV02:43
      • 10.Robert FrippBreathless IV04:57
      • 11.Robert FrippBreathless Solo01:16
      • 12.Robert FrippDisengage II04:03
      • 13.Robert FrippDisengage VI03:44
      • 14.Robert FrippNorth Star III02:44
      • 15.Robert FrippChicago II 02:33
      • 16.Robert FrippNYC III03:25
      • 17.Robert FrippMary00:57
      • 18.Robert FrippExposure I 04:22
      • 19.Robert FrippH?aden Two II02:27
      • 20.Robert FrippI May Not Have Had Enough Of Me, But I've Had Enough Of You II03:11
      • Total:01:17:28
      moreVol. 31: CDMore Blasts, More Blasms: Sessions, Jams and Rehearsals
      • 1.Robert FrippTune-Up01:21
      • 2.Robert FrippRiff And Roll00:21
      • 3.Robert FrippGroove07:13
      • 4.Robert FrippBass And Drum Groove12:56
      • 5.Robert FrippIdea, Slow Drums02:28
      • 6.Robert FrippIdea, Fast Drums01:19
      • 7.Robert FrippBallad01:17
      • 8.Robert FrippYou Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette I01:36
      • 9.Robert FrippYou Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette II01:32
      • 10.Robert FrippYou Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette III00:49
      • 11.Robert FrippBreathless I03:14
      • 12.Robert FrippBreathless II09:08
      • 13.Robert FrippBreathless III07:44
      • 14.Robert FrippDisengage I03:05
      • 15.Robert FrippDisengage III02:09
      • 16.Robert FrippDisengage02:04
      • 17.Robert FrippNorth Star I01:40
      • 18.Robert FrippNorth Star II02:05
      • 19.Robert FrippNorth-ish Star II01:39
      • 20.Robert FrippNorth-ish Star00:55
      • 21.Robert FrippNYC I02:53
      • 22.Robert FrippNYC II02:08
      • 23.Robert FrippExposure V04:15
      • 24.Robert FrippH?aden Two I00:28
      • 25.Robert FrippH?aden Two III02:48
      • 26.Robert FrippI May Not Have Had Enough Of Me, But I've Had Enough Of You I01:25
      • Total:01:18:32
      moreVol. 32: CDThe League of Gentlemen - Royal Exeter, Bournemoutz, 21/9/80, John Peel Broadcast, 17/11/80
      • 1.The League Of GentlemenRF Announcement00:50
      • 2.The League Of GentlemenInductive Resonance05:01
      • 3.The League Of GentlemenTrap05:13
      • 4.The League Of GentlemenHeptaparaparshinokh02:17
      • 5.The League Of GentlemenRF Announcement00:57
      • 6.The League Of GentlemenThrang Thrang Gozinbulx II03:15
      • 7.The League Of GentlemenBoy At Piano04:07
      • 8.The League Of GentlemenChristian Children Marching Singing03:48
      • 9.The League Of GentlemenDislocated04:54
      • 10.The League Of GentlemenRF Announcement00:41
      • 11.The League Of GentlemenThrang Thrang Gozinbulx III03:32
      • 12.The League Of GentlemenMinor Man03:31
      • 13.The League Of GentlemenFarewell Johnny Brill04:09
      • 14.The League Of GentlemenEye Needles03:27
      • 15.The League Of GentlemenInductive Resonance05:09
      • 16.The League Of GentlemenDislocated04:38
      • 17.The League Of GentlemenHeptaparaparshinokh02:08
      • 18.The League Of GentlemenFarewell Johnny Brill03:58
      • 19.The League Of GentlemenInductive Resonance04:50
      • 20.The League Of GentlemenA Few Goodies There12:21
      • Total:01:18:46