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Robert Fripp Exposure – 2LP 200gram vinyl DGMLPX101 2 LP
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Format2 Vinyl LP
Ordering NumberDGMLPX101
Release date30/10/2020
Players/ContributorsGuest musician
  • Barry Andrews
  • Brian Eno
  • Jerry Marotta
  • Narada Michael Walden
  • Peter Gabriel
  • Peter Hammill
  • Phil Collins
  • Sid McGinnis
  • Terre Roche
  • Tony Levin
  • Daryl Hall

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      • After an absence of 30 years, the first edition of this album is available on vinyl again, now as 200-gram vinyl.
      • The 2006 ‘third edition’ of the album will be available on vinyl for the first time.
      • The album has been mastered by Jason Mitchell at LOUD mastering from masters approved by Robert Fripp.

      “It’s the Sergeant Pepper of avant punk.” – The Wire

      The term ‘Classic album’ has been devalued somewhat through overuse, but if ever an album has proved worthy of the term it’s Robert Fripp’s 1979 solo debut Exposure. An invitation from David Bowie & Brian Eno in July 1977 resulted in his appearance as lead guitarist on Heroes, David Bowie’s 2nd 1977 album from his own golden year & marked Fripp’s return to full time musician. Further work with Daryl Hall, Peter Gabriel, The Roches & Blondie (a version of “I Feel Love” sung by Debbie Harry was planned for inclusion on the album but never recorded), preceded the sessions.

      Recorded at the Record Plant in New York, Exposure was originally conceived as part of a trilogy alongside Daryl Hall’s Sacred Songs & Peter Gabriel’s 2nd solo album (both Fripp produced). Exposure was delayed from its scheduled 1978 release date by RCA’s postponement of the release of the Hall album (that remained unissued until 1980) & Hall’s then manager’s insistence that some of his vocals be removed from the album. When the album finally appeared in 1979, its mixture of songs, singers, instrumentals, snatches of speech, audio-vérité sound collages – all linked by an autobiographical/diary approach - presented a very different musician from that of the initial King Crimson period 1969-74.

      Even in a period when the wheel - as represented by a vinyl album - seemed to be reinvented on a routine basis, a time when “expect the unexpected” was the best approach to any number of then new or current recordings, Exposure stood apart. It still does.

      With the emergence of digital technology but, crucially, prior to the emergence of suitable re-mastering equipment, the album was remixed in 1983 & reissued in 1985. This remix was issued as the CD version.

      The new 2 LP edition consists of the original 1979 release on LP1, while LP2 presents the 2006 third edition on vinyl for the first time. This is essentially, a version of the 1983 remix/1985 reissue with the inclusion of the 3 formerly unreleased Daryl Hall vocal tracks.

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      LP 1
      • Side A
        • 1.Preface01:15
        • 2.You Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette02:23
        • 3.Breathless04:45
        • 4.Disengage02:47
        • 5.North Star03:06
        • 6.Chicago02:12
        • 7.NY302:24
        • 8.Mary02:08
      • Side B
        • 9.Exposure04:26
        • 10.Häaden Two02:53
        • 11.Urban Landscape02:34
        • 12.I May Not Have Had Enough Of Me, But I've Had Enough Of You03:44
        • 13.First Inaugural Address To The I.A.C.E. Sherborne House00:04
        • 14.Water Music I01:27
        • 15.Here Comes The Flood04:07
        • 16.Water Music II04:28
        • 17.Postscript00:37
      • Total:45:20
      LP 2
      • Side C
        • 1.Preface01:15
        • 2.You Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette02:24
        • 3.Breathless04:42
        • 4.Disengage II02:43
        • 5.North Star03:12
        • 6.Chicago02:17
        • 7.New York, New York, New York02:17
        • 8.Mary02:08
      • Side D
        • 9.Exposure04:26
        • 10.Haaden Two01:57
        • 11.Urban Landscape02:34
        • 12.I May Not Have Had Enough Of Me But I've Had Enough Of You03:37
        • 13.First Inaugural Address To The I.A.C.E. Sherborne House00:07
        • 14.Water Music I01:18
        • 15.Here Comes The Flood03:55
        • 16.Water Music II03:53
        • 17.Postscript00:55
      • Total:43:40