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Yma Sumac Queen Of Exotíca, The Complete Studio Recordings 1943-1959 FA5770 4 CD
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Format4 Audio CD
Ordering NumberFA5770
labelFremeaux & Associes
Release date30/10/2020

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      Yma Sumac counts as one of the greatest divas the world has ever heard. By birth an Inca Princess – a direct descendant of Atahualpa, the last Inca Emperor – but better known as a queen of the exotica movement, this Peruvian singer who conquered the world had an incredible voice spanning four octaves. This 4CD set compiled by Olivier Julien contains every studio recording that Yma Sumac made from 1943 to 1959, and covers the Golden Age of a singer whose career reached the summits of international popular music. Patrick FRÉMEAUX

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      CD 1
      • 1.Cholo traicionero02:55
      • 2.Payande03:13
      • 3.Amor indio (indian love)02:17
      • 4.La benita02:48
      • 5.Un amor (one love)01:44
      • 6.Que lindos ojos02:21
      • 7.Cholitas punenas02:20
      • 8.Melgar03:10
      • 9.La sirena03:00
      • 10.El picaflor02:21
      • 11.Virgenes del sol02:19
      • 12.Carnaval indio03:25
      • 13.Waraka tusuy02:29
      • 14.Wilafitay03:21
      • 15.Amor
      • 16.Te quiero
      • 17.Pariwana
      • 18.A ti solita te quiero
      • Total:37:43
      CD 2
      • 1.Taita inty (virgin of the sun god)03:05
      • 2.Ataypura (high andes)03:03
      • 3.Accla taqui (chant of the chosen)02:44
      • 4.Tumpa (earthquake)03:19
      • 5.Chaladas (dance of the moon festival)02:35
      • 6.Wayra (dance the winds)03:02
      • 7.Monos (monkey)02:40
      • 8.Xtabay (lure of the unknown love)03:18
      • 9.Najala's song of joy03:21
      • 10.Birds01:23
      • 11.Najala's lament02:29
      • 12.Karibe taki03:06
      • 13.Witallia (fire in the andes)02:24
      • 14.Lament03:21
      • 15.Kon tiki03:11
      • 16.Montana03:43
      • 17.Zana02:05
      • 18.No es vida02:23
      • 19.Kuyaway (inca love song)02:48
      • 20.Suray sunita03:21
      • 21.Mamallay03:02
      • 22.Panorima03:28
      • 23.Ccori canastitay02:22
      • Total:01:06:13
      CD 3
      • 1.Babalu02:52
      • 2.Wimoweh02:42
      • 3.K'arawi (planting song)03:20
      • 4.Cumbe maita (calls of the andes)03:09
      • 5.Wak'ai (cry) (chants of the incas)02:31
      • 6.Incacho (royal anthem)03:12
      • 7.Chuncho (the forest creatures)03:41
      • 8.Llulla mak ta (andean don juan)02:27
      • 9.Malaya (my destiny)03:29
      • 10.Ripui (farewell)03:02
      • 11.Bo mambo03:22
      • 12.Taki rar01:53
      • 13.Gopher02:18
      • 14.Chicken talk03:06
      • 15.Goomba boomba04:14
      • 16.Malambo n°102:57
      • 17.Five bottles of mambo02:49
      • 18.Indian carnival02:07
      • 19.Cha cha gitano03:53
      • 20.Jungla02:24
      • 21.Carnivalito boliviano02:01
      • Total:01:01:29
      CD 4
      • 1.Jivaro02:58
      • 2.Esjollo (whip dance)01:40
      • 3.Yawar (blood festival)02:33
      • 4.Shou condor (giant condor)02:29
      • 5.Sauma (magic)03:46
      • 6.Nina (fire arrow dance)02:15
      • 7.Sansa (victory song)02:53
      • 8.Hampi (medicine)03:10
      • 9.Sumac soratena (beautiful jungle girl)01:44
      • 10.Aullay (lullaby)03:46
      • 11.Batanga hailli (festival)01:36
      • 12.Wanka (the seven winds)03:07
      • 13.La molina (the mill song)03:27
      • 14.Flor de canela (cinnamon flower)03:22
      • 15.Gallito caliente (the hot rooster)01:57
      • 16.La pamp y la puna (the plains and the mountains)03:09
      • 17.Dale que dale (the workers song)03:10
      • 18.Llora corazon (crying heart)03:02
      • 19.Huachina (enchanted lake)03:28
      • 20.La perle de chira (the pearl)03:45
      • 21.Mi palomita (my pigeon)03:15
      • 22.Virgenes del sol (virgins of the sun)02:52
      • 23.Gallito ciego (one eyed rooster)02:12
      • 24.Clamor (i won't forget you)02:56
      • Total:01:08:32