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King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King - 50th Anniversary Edition (3 CD/BluRay) KCXP5008 3 CD/BluRay
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Format3 Audio CD / BluRay Disc
Ordering NumberKCXP5008
Release date25/10/2019
  • Fripp, Robert: Gitarre
  • Giles, Michael: Schlagzeug
  • Lake, Greg: Bass, Gesang
  • McDonald, Ian: Saxophon, Keyboard
  • Sinfield, Peter: Synthesizer
Tags: 60iesprog

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      • 50th anniversary edition of one of rock music’s seminal debut albums.
      • Blu-Ray features all-new, 2019, 5.1 & stereo mixes by Steven Wilson, approved by Robert Fripp in 24/96 resolution – the first time the album has appeared in 5.1 at 24/96 resolution.
      • Blu-Ray also features the original master edition of the 1969 album mix in 24/96 stereo.
      • Blu-Ray also features a complete alternate album comprising 2019 mixes by Steven Wilson including a much extended duo version of ‘I Talk to The Wind’, a June 19th version of ‘The Court of the Crimson King’ from the band’s final day at Morgan studios in June 1969, an isolated voice dominant version of ‘Epitaph’ & a version of ‘21st Century Schizoid Man’ which combines the Morgan studios instrumental with Greg Lake vocals from Wessex studios and August 2019 overdubs by Mel Collins & Jakko Jakszyk – the latter two mixed by David Singleton.
      • A further album’s worth of additional material drawn from studio takes - much of it mixed by Steven Wilson & including extracts from the ‘wind session’ that produced the intro to 21CSM in stereo for the first time, the single a/b sides of the album title track drawn, for the first time since on disc, from the original master tapes & more are also included.
      • The Blu-Ray is completed by a set of 2019 instrumental mixes and the surviving fragment of black & white footage from Hyde Park in 1969
      • This set marks the first appearance of the album on Blu-Ray completing the availability of all King Crimson studio albums on the format.
      • CD1 presents the album in its 2019 stereo mix – along with the 2019 instrumental takes (with ‘Moonchild’ edited to song length)
      • CD2 presents an expanded edition of the alternate album from the Blu-Ray
      • CD3 features the original master edition of the 1969 mix plus additional tracks
      • Presented as a 2 x gatefold sleeve edition containing the individual CDs plus booklet with new sleeve-notes by King Crimson biographer Sid Smith packed in a rigid slipcase.
      • Artwork derived from the original paintings, as meticulously restored, for the limited edition full sized, signed prints
      • All material on this set will also feature on the forthcoming “Complete 1969 Sessions” – the eighth boxed set in the series documenting King Crimson’s studio & live recordings from 1969 onwards.

      “…Let’s make a hit waxing…” – Robert Fripp, studio chatter on recording sessions, June, 1969

      As a preamble to a recording take, it’s not exactly clear whether it was meant to be an attempt to focus minds or a witty intro to a take countdown. It was of the moment, with no intention of ever being heard again. Nobody knew it would turn out to be prescient as Crimson, barely five months since formation, laid down tracks for sessions for a proposed debut album – sessions about to be abandoned in favour of a move to another studio and total self-production weeks later. Fifty years on, the album is one of the most beloved & revered in the rock music canon. The 50th anniversary edition features completely new mixes of the album in stereo & 5.1 by Steven Wilson, with the album presented in 24/96 resolution in multi-channel for the first time. The multi-channel master also includes the extended duo version of ‘I Talk to the Wind’ in 5.1. This track, much longer than the version mixed in 2009, also features in stereo along with newly mixed versions of other session tracks in stereo and a full set of instrumental mixes. In 2009, Court was one of the earliest of Steven’s 5.1 mixes of albums on which he or his band were not the main artist – along with Lizard & Red & while the King Crimson 5.1 series was, to a large extent, key to the revival of 5.1 for audio – an audio form the major record companies had all but abandoned as a result of the dual format confusion of sacd/dvd-a almost a decade earlier, Court was the one album of the many 5.1 mixes he has successfully undertaken which he wanted to revisit. The 50th anniversary and the first release on Blu-Ray provided just such an opportunity. Nor are these the only new features on the set.

      The original studio instrumental take of ‘21st Century Schizoid Man’ has been completely re-imagined & mixed by David Singleton, with the addition of Greg Lake vocals from the later studio sessions at Wessex & contemporary sax & guitar overdubs by Mel Collins & Jakko Jakszyk – providing a link between the original band, the early 1970s line-up and the current band. David Singleton also contributes a mix of ‘Epitaph’ which highlights & isolates Greg’s vocals from the original studio sessions, showing just how spine chilling and powerful that vocal delivery was – an incredibly mature sound for a young man to achieve in his first major studio recording. Among the many tapes newly transferred or being transferred for this (& the forthcoming, much larger, boxed set of Complete 1969 Recordings), was the original tape of the Island released ‘The Court of the Crimson King’ single which had been previously dubbed from a 7” single as a curio. These and many other tracks give a comprehensive overview of one of the classic albums.

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      Vol. 1: CD
      • 1.21st Century Schizoid Man07:21
      • 2.Talk to the Wind06:03
      • 3.Epitaph08:47
      • 4.Moonchild12:11
      • 5.The Court of the Crimson King09:23
      • 6.21st Century Schizoid Man07:24
      • 7.Talk to the Wind06:07
      • 8.Epitaph08:56
      • 9.Moonchild (edit)02:28
      • 10.The Court of the Crimson King09:21
      • Total:01:18:01
      Vol. 2: CD
      • 1.Wind Session (2019 stereo mix)04:27
      • 2.21st Century Schizoid Man (Morgan studios June 1969 take with Greg Lake vox overdubs from Wessex August 1969 & Mel Collins/Jakko Jakszyk August 2019 overdubs)06:46
      • 3.I Talk to the Wind (Alternate 2019 mix )06:34
      • 4.I Talk to the Wind (Duo version, full length master, 2019 mix)07:17
      • 5.Epitaph (Vocals isolated/highlighted, 2019 mix)05:44
      • 6.Epitaph (Alt take - 2019 mix)09:29
      • 7.Moonchild (Take 1, 2019 mix)02:20
      • 8.The Court of the Crimson King (Morgan studios, June 1969 take, 2019 mix)07:09
      • 9.21st Century Schizoid Man (Trio version, 2019 mix)07:05
      • Total:56:51
      Vol. 3: CD
      • 1.21st Century Schizoid Man (Original master edition produced by King Crimson Mastered by Simon Heyworth)07:22
      • 2.I Talk to the Wind (Original master edition produced by King Crimson Mastered by Simon Heyworth)06:04
      • 3.Epitaph (Original master edition produced by King Crimson Mastered by Simon Heyworth)08:48
      • 4.Moonchild (Original master edition produced by King Crimson Mastered by Simon Heyworth)12:12
      • 5.The Court of the Crimson King (Original master edition produced by King Crimson Mastered by Simon Heyworth)09:27
      • 6.21st Century Schizoid Man (Morgan studios instrumental take, 1969, produced by King Crimson)06:45
      • 7.I Talk to the Wind (studio run through, 2019 mix by Steven Wilson)04:14
      • 8.Epitaph (Backing track, 2019 mix by Steven Wilson)09:05
      • 9.The Court of the Crimson King (single a side) (Original single master)03:23
      • 10.The Court of the Crimson King (single b side) (Original single master)04:29
      • Total:01:11:49
      Vol. 4: BluRay
      • 2019 5.1 mixes
        • 1.21st Century Schizoid Man
        • 2.I Talk to the Wind
        • 3.Epitaph
        • 4.Moonchild
        • 5.The Court of the Crimson King
      • Additional track
        • 6.I Talk to the Wind (duo version)
      • Original Master Edition
        • Alternate Album
          • 19.Morgan studios June 1969 take with Greg Lake vocal overdubs from Wessex August 1969 & Mel Collins & Jakko Jakszyk August 2019 overdubs
          • 20.Alternate 2019 mix
          • 21.Duo version, full length master, 2019 mix
          • 22.Vocals isolated/highlighted, 2019 mix
          • 23.Alt take - 2019 mix
          • 24.Take 1, 2019 mix
          • 25.Morgan studios, June 1969 take, 2019 mix
          • Additional material
            • 28.Epitaph
          • 33.2019 stereo mix
          • 34.Trio version, 2019 mix
          • 35.Studio run through, 2019 mix
          • 36.Backing track, 2019 mix
          • 37.Album edit, 2009 mix
          • 38.Take 3, 2009 mix
          • 39.Morgan studios take, June 1969
          • 40.Single a/b side, 1969
          • 41.Single a/b side, 1969
          • 2019 Instrumental mixes