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Germain Muller & Mario Hirlé Le Barabli, Sketches Et Chansons (1946 - 1971) FA5728 3 CD
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Format3 Audio CD
Ordering NumberFA5728
labelFremeaux & Associes
Release date12/10/2018

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      The Barabli was a famous bilingual theatre in the post-war era, a cabaret that formed the cornerstone of nightlife in Alsace from 1946 to 1992. Noted for launching entertainer Jacques Martin, the club represented the region’s soul, famously characterized by that special Alsace mix of joy and suffering that lies between French and German cultures. The two architects of this striking legacy were Germain Muller and Mario Hirlé, the former a writer and lyricist, and also a man of the theatre and radio, while the second, a musician, worked notably with the Compagnons de la Chanson. This 3CD set, produced by Jean-Baptiste Mersiol and Ronald Hirlé, retraces the cabaret’s history and highlights the two artists’ collaboration in making the Barabli a legend. Patrick FRÉMEAUX

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      • 1.Germain MullerSteckelburi swingt05:39
      • 2.Dinah FaustPuppen die sich entpuppen03:43
      • 3.Germain Muller, Dinah Faust, Felice Hauser, Huguette DrachDe facteur het g'schellt05:06
      • 4.Germain MullerDe sweissdissi boogi-woogi01:44
      • 5.Raymond VogelLe corridor04:08
      • 6.Germain Muller, Robert Breysach, René Wieber, Huguette DrachDss05:28
      • 7.Simone Muller, Christian FalkWenn de beckebue « un's millichmaidel »01:50
      • 8.Germain MullerWo sin mini kumpel vom contades02:27
      • 9.Germain Muller, Dinah Faust, Robert Breysach, Raymond Vogel, Alfred LitzelmannChambre civique26:50
      • 10.Germain Muller, Alfred LitzelmannD'buere sin a franzose05:50
      • 11.Simone MullerL'alsaco du train sur pneu03:18
      • 12.Robert Breysach, Alfred LitzelmannAccent aigu (s'budget)07:36
      • Total:01:13:39
      more CD 2
      • 1.Henri Bergmiller, René Wieber, Charles FalkD'conscrits vun runtzebach03:42
      • 2.Dinah Faust, Yvette Fleck, Elisabeth BestVietnam05:39
      • 3.Simone MullerEuropa maidele02:18
      • 4.Dinah Faust, Felice Haeuser, Raymond Vogel, René WieberEbbe und flut11:10
      • 5.Charles FalckStrasbourg by night05:20
      • 6.Germain Muller, Robert BreysachRotterdam06:37
      • 7.Germain MullerDe rhin02:17
      • 8.Henri Meyer, René Wieber, Henri BergmillerDe standpunkt03:04
      • 9.Dinah FaustD'waeschbridsch07:02
      • 10.EnsembleD'liliputaner03:04
      • 11.Germain Muller, Alfred LitzelmannDerf m'r jetzt?04:26
      • 12.EnsembleD'letschte05:11
      • 13.EnsembleD'alemanne02:05
      • 14.Elisabeth Best, Micgel PierratD'allemannisch wehmut02:24
      • 15.Dinah Faust, Alfred LitzelmannDecornification06:42
      • 16.Germain Muller, Alfred LitzelmannDe bäbbe vun unserm wirtschaftswunder04:16
      • Total:01:15:17
      more CD 3
      • 1.EnsemblePot pourri10:58
      • 2.Dinah FaustS'tandem06:30
      • 3.Germain MullerWinter im sinai « mosche dayan »04:26
      • 4.Dinah FaustJe ne l'ai plus02:48
      • 5.EnsembleDe elsassisch g'sangverein07:45
      • 6.Dinah FaustS'kind04:43
      • 7.Robert Breysach, René WieberDe lang schull « les deux clochards »07:27
      • 8.Germain MullerSexwellement parlant07:32
      • 9.Robert Breysach, André Flick, Charles FalkZollamt « sex » « les douaniers »03:18
      • 10.Germain Muller, Robert Breysach, René Wieber, Henri MeyerUne date introuvable02:32
      • 11.EnsembleNeji base01:11
      • 12.EnsembleDe bloje mondaa02:36
      • 13.EnsembleLa route des crètes01:23
      • 14.Dinah Faust, Michel PierratD'voejel vum brojel01:44
      • 15.Christian HahnOh julie02:15
      • 16.Dinah FaustWaldsterben03:25
      • 17.Germain MullerCarela, carola02:13
      • 18.Germain MullerDe sweissdissi boogie-woogie01:21
      • Total:01:14:07