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King Crimson On (and off) The Road 1981 - 1984 Limited Edition 19 discs Boxed set KCCBX8 11 CD/3 DVDA/3 BluRay/2 DVD
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Format11 Audio CD / 3 DVDA / 3 BluRay Disc / 2 DVD Video
Ordering NumberKCCBX8
Release date28/10/2016

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      Adrian Belew: guitar, lead vocal Robert Fripp:­ guitar & devices
      Tony Levin: stick, bass, support vocal Bill Bruford: Acoustic & electronic percussion

      When Robert Fripp declared in 1974 that King Crimson had ‘ceased to exist’ nobody could have foreseen that the band would return in 1981 with a radically different line-up & sound, elements of which had, perhaps, more in common with the then current post-punk new wave than the band’s notional progressive rock past. Returning initially under the name Discipline for low-key gigs & then as King Crimson proper with an album called ‘Discipline’ & as different from the 1970s King Crimson, as the 1970s line-ups had been from the 1960s band, the new quartet of Robert Fripp, Bill Bruford, Adrian Belew (Zappa, Bowie, Talking Heads) and Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel/Paul Simon), rapidly established itself as a force on the live circuit. The longer songs of the 1960s & early 1970s & the extended improvisations of the live performances from the earlier touring bands were replaced with a series of  short taut songs & instrumentals imbued with a minimalist aesthetic that featured complex interwoven guitar lines from Fripp & Belew, (coined ‘rock gamelan’), Adrian’s distinctive vocals & sharply apt lyrics, Bruford’s new armoury of electronic percussion & Levin’s fluid bass & Chapman Stick lines. With ‘Discipline’ charting in a number of countries including the UK & USA, the clamour for the band’s tours was further enhanced, often to a greater extent than could actually be fulfilled – not for the first or last time with a King Crimson line-up – due to the other time demands made on the individual musicians. Despite such pressures a further album ‘Beat’ appeared & charted in 1982 & when ‘Three of a Perfect Pair’ hit the UK Top 30 upon release in 1984, it was clear that King Crimson had managed not just to retain a large percentage of its original fanbase but had successfully reached a completely fresh audience also. However, three albums and a number of tours in as many years, for a quartet all of whom had substantial non-KC musical commitments, strained the line-up beyond its natural limit & King Crimson was again retired from active service, not to return until the mid-1990s.

      On (and off) The Road presents a complete overview of this enduringly popular line-up. All three studio albums are presented in remixed stereo editions on CD (Discipline in its 2011 mix), as are the final concerts from each year of touring. Two further CDs present newly edited & extended takes from the ‘Champaign-Urbana’ sessions for the band’s proposed third album & a ‘making of’ CD which provides a fascinating audio insight into the studio recordings. New Stereo, 5.1 Surround, original stereo editions & videos appear on the DVD-A discs. The Blu-Ray discs bring full 24/96 stereo & 5.1 Surround sound plus extended video/concert footage including the Frejus concert, the Alabamahalle concert (unseen since its 1982 broadcast) an array of previously unreleased additional concert footage from the band’s 1984 Japanese concerts, along with audio only options for some of the footage. Two bonus CDs present the band’s first gig as Discipline, from an audio restored bootleg at Moles Club Bath & the unreleased live album that was prepared from the Frejus tapes, with the additional recordings from that concert also included, complete the audio & visual features.

      With a wealth of previously unheard audio and/or upgraded audio – from the band’s first to final performances, newly issued stereo & 5.1 editions of two of the band’s studio albums – Beat & TOAPP, the classic Discipline album in stereo & 5.1, audio and video recordings of some of the best live shows the line-up played plus substantial new concert footage, all presented to the high standards that have been a staple of King Crimson boxed sets of recent years, this is an essential edition for the many fans of this era of King Crimson.

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      Vol. 1: CD
      • 1.Elephant Talk04:43
      • 2.Frame By Frame05:09
      • 3.Matte Kudasai03:47
      • 4.Indiscipline04:34
      • 5.Thela Hun Ginjeet06:25
      • 6.The Sheltering Sky08:22
      • 7.Discipline05:10
      • 8.Ade Vocal Loop I00:18
      • 9.Ade Vocal Loop II00:33
      • 10.The Sheltering Sky Alternative Mix08:26
      • 11.Thela Hun Ginjeet Instrumental Mix06:31
      • Total:53:58
      Vol. 2: CD
      • 1.Discipline06:09
      • 2.Thela Hun Ginjeet08:09
      • 3.Red07:29
      • 4.Matte Kudasai03:46
      • 5.The Sheltering Sky12:18
      • 6.Frame By Frame05:14
      • 7.Manhattan06:13
      • 8.Indiscipline10:09
      • 9.Neal And Jack And Me06:50
      • 10.Elephant Talk05:32
      • 11.Larks' Tongues In Aspic Part II07:28
      • Total:01:19:17
      Vol. 3: CD
      • 1.Neal and Jack and Me04:24
      • 2.Heartbeat03:51
      • 3.Sartori In Tangier03:35
      • 4.Waiting Man04:27
      • 5.Neurotica04:49
      • 6.Two Hands03:22
      • 7.The Howler04:13
      • 8.Requiem (extended version)12:15
      • 9.Absent Lovers (instrumental, studio recording)04:11
      • Total:45:07
      Vol. 4: CD
      • 1.Waiting Man10:02
      • 2.Thela Hun Ginjeet07:23
      • 3.Frame By Frame05:29
      • 4.Matte Kudasai03:46
      • 5.The Sheltering Sky10:48
      • 6.Neal And Jack And Me05:45
      • 7.Elephant Talk05:01
      • 8.Indiscipline10:17
      • 9.Heartbeat04:15
      • 10.Larks' Tongues In Aspic Part II07:00
      • Total:01:09:46
      Vol. 5: CD
      • 1.San Francisco02:04
      • 2.Tony's Bass Riff03:28
      • 3.Sequenced03:55
      • 4.Steinberger Melody04:59
      • 5.Fragmented04:01
      • 6.Not One Of Those01:44
      • 7.ZZZZs02:10
      • 8.Reel 3 Jam02:34
      • 9.Robert And Bill02:08
      • 10.Say No02:46
      • 11.Robert's Ballad03:45
      • 12.Heat In The Jungle07:07
      • 13.Grace Jones05:46
      • 14.Adrian Looped01:19
      • 15.Yoli Yoli03:22
      • 16.Adrian And Robert07:45
      • Total:58:53
      Vol. 6: CD
      • 1.Three of a Perfect Pair04:21
      • 2.Model Man04:01
      • 3.Sleepless05:36
      • 4.Man with an Open Heart03:06
      • 5.Nuages (That Which Passes, Passes Like Clouds)04:47
      • 6.Industry07:04
      • 7.Dig Me03:16
      • 8.No Warning03:29
      • 9.Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part III06:07
      • 10.The King Crimson Barber Shop01:38
      • 11.Robert's Ballad03:23
      • 12.Shidare Zakura02:40
      • 13.Industrial Zone A03:15
      • 14.Industrial Zone B05:34
      • 15.Industrial Zone C15:50
      • Total:01:14:07
      Vol. 7: CD
      • 1.Entry Of The Crims06:26
      • 2.Larks' Tongues In Aspic Part III05:05
      • 3.Thela Hun Ginjeet07:07
      • 4.Red05:48
      • 5.Matte Kudasai03:46
      • 6.Industry07:30
      • 7.Dig Me03:59
      • 8.Three Of A Perfect Pair04:30
      • 9.Indiscipline08:11
      • Total:52:22
      Vol. 8: CD
      • 1.Sartori In Tangier04:39
      • 2.Frame By Frame03:58
      • 3.Man With An Open Heart03:44
      • 4.Waiting Man06:26
      • 5.Sleepless06:08
      • 6.Larks' Tongues In Aspic Part II07:54
      • 7.Discipline05:04
      • 8.Heartbeat05:15
      • 9.Elephant Talk08:58
      • Total:52:06
      Vol. 9: CD
      • 1.Are you recording Gary15:45
      • 2.Discipline Redux11:05
      • 3.Beat Redux15:20
      • 4.Three of a Perfect Pair Redux14:42
      • Total:56:52
      Vol. 10: DVD
      • Audio Content
        • 1.5.1 surround mix
        • 2.original mix
        • 3.2011 mix and additional tracks in 24/96
        • 4.Album rough mixes iin 24/96
      • Video content
        • 5.BBC Old Grey Whistle Test
      Vol. 11: DVD
      • Audio content
        • 1.5.1 surround mix
        • 2.original mix
        • 3.2016 mix & Alternate album in 24/48
      • Video Content
        • 4.Heartbeat Promo
        • 5.Live in Munich
      Vol. 12: DVD
      • Audio content
        • 1.5.1 surround mix
        • 2.original mix
        • 3.2016 mix in 24/48
      • Video content
        • 4.Sleepless promo
      Vol. 13: BluRay
      • Audio content
        • 1.5.1 surround mix
        • 2.original mix
        • 3.2011 mix and additional tracks
        • 4.Album rough mixes in 24/96
      • Video content
        • 5.BBC Old Grey Whistle Test
        • 6.Moles Club French TV Interview
        • 7.Live in Frejus 2016 audio & video transfers in 24/48
      Vol. 14: BluRay
      • Audio content
        • 1.5.1 surround mix
        • 2.original mix
        • 3.2016 mix & Alternate Album in 24/96
      • Video content
        • 4.Heartbeat promo
        • 5.Alabamahalle TV broadcast in 24/48
      Vol. 15: BluRay
      • Audio content
        • 1.5.1 surround mix
        • 2.original mix
        • 3.2016 mix in 24/96
        • 4.Absent Lovers stereo and surround mixes in 24/48
      • Video content
        • 5.Sleepless promo
        • 6.Three of a Perfect Pair - Live in Japan
        • 7.Japan April 29th 1984 Part Show
        • 8.Japan April 29th 1984 (single camera)
        • 9.Japan April 30th 1984 (single camera in 24/48
      Vol. 16: CD
      • 1.Discipline05:56
      • 2.Thela Hun Ginjeet05:41
      • 3.Red06:09
      • 4.Elephant Talk04:46
      • 5.Matte Kudasai03:42
      • 6.The Sheltering Sky08:48
      • 7.Indiscipline07:00
      • 8.Frame By Frame05:00
      • 9.Larks' Tongues In Aspic Part II06:35
      • Total:53:37
      Vol. 17: CD
      • 1.Thela Hun Ginjeet07:07
      • 2.Matte Kudasai03:31
      • 3.Indiscipline10:09
      • 4.Heartbeat04:10
      • 5.The Sheltering Sky10:38
      • 6.Larks' Tongues In Aspic Part II07:21
      • 7.Waiting Man08:33
      • 8.Red05:59
      • 9.Neal And Jack And Me05:47
      • 10.Elephant Talk05:22
      • Total:01:08:37
      Vol. 18: DVD
      • Video content
        • 1.The Noise - Live in Frejus
        • 2.Three of a Perfect Pair Live in Japan
      Vol. 19: DVD
      • Audio content
        • 1.Philadelphia 1982
        • 2.Asbury Park 1982
        • 3.Cap D'Agde 1982
        • 4.Frejus 1982
        • 5.Europe 1982
      • Video content
        • 6.Live at Alabamahalle