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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberPWLSM10
labelSpotted Peccary Musi
Release date07/02/2014

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      German composer, sound designer and touch-style guitarist Markus Reuter makes his Lotuspike debut with the psychoactive soundscape work, Trepanation. Echoing chords and voices half-heard contribute to the dreamlike state induced by Trepanation. The word itself refers to the practice of removing a piece of the skull to relieve pressure on the brain. This practice was used in times past to treat a number of psychological conditions; one might imagine the music on this release being a less invasive method to achieve similar goals. At times dense, others sparse; at times disturbing and others serene, Reuter lays a tonal foundation over which partially-intelligible voices and other effects contribute to the disconnected floating atmosphere of the subconscious state. Trepanation is Markus Reuter's first release with Lotuspike, and is a brilliant example of his unique compositional style and instrumental expertise. Trepanation shimmers with masterfully crafted layers and contrast, combining soft atmospheres and pulsing rhythmic guitar textures.

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