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Elifantree Anemone ECD-201860 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberECD-201860
labelEclipse Music
Release date23/03/2018

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      Elifantree moves from dreamscapes to fever sweats within the same bar, enigmatic and unnerving and wonderfully unpredictable. The trio makes music with the framework of jazz, but usually trek well outside of it. With strong rhythmical textures, tenor saxophone, ambient soundscapes and dazzling vocals they create a sound much larger and wider than the sum of their parts.

      On their upcoming forth album Anemone, out in March 2018, Elifantree introduces the thrilling sounds of the electric wind intrument (EWI) for the first time during their ten year old history as a band. Vocalist Anni Elif and saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist PauliLyytinen are just one of those matches made in heaven, both in terms of spirit and musically as well. The very versatile Olavi Louhivuori makes perfect sense as the drummer for this group. Elifantree takes giant steps every time they make new music. The album Anemone opens up new and exciting doors in the territory of jazz, pop, and improvised music.

      Anni Elif – vocals, synthesizers
      Pauli Lyytinen – tenor saxophone, EWI, live effects, drum machine
      Olavi Louhivuori – drums
      Joonas Saikkonen – sound


      "Elifantree! What a glorious, mad, brilliant display! If jazz went mad and invented a new kind of cake, this would be it. I smiled all the way through!” - Sound and Fury Music, UK

      "Many artists claim to have a 'unique sound' but Elifantree is one of the rare ones that actually do." - Matti Nives, We Jazz

      “Emboldened by the improvisational spirit of rock-jazz, Elifantree are an utter headspin of a band, particularly that force-of-nature frontwoman - Anni Elif Egecioglu – who whoops and soars and occasionally does a little dance at the keyboards” - Si Hawkins, Clash Magazine

      “The experience is almost gestalt in its extremes of both power and delicacy, something of an aural hallucination.” - - - Anthony Shaw, All About Jazz

      “There’s no forgetting Finland’s Elifantree though: ‘Pablo Picasso, Charlie Chaplin and David Lynch,’ says the blurb, and for once it’s barely hyperbolic. With saxophone, synths, shrieking Bjork-like vocals and the best drummer of the weekend the trio move from dreamscape to fever sweats within the same bar, enigmatic and unnerving and wonderfully unpredictable.” - GIITTV Team, UK

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      CD 1
      • 1.Anemone04:59
      • 2.Reveries02:03
      • 3.Presence02:30
      • 4.I Love You06:56
      • 5.Nana05:44
      • 6.Coral Disco04:51
      • 7.Thunder04:10
      • 8.Inexhaustible05:21
      • Total:36:34