Juravca & Fran Lasuen

In 1652 the Mitropolito Nikon becomes the Orthodox Patriach of Russia and begins the religious reform that would lead to the dispute between the Russian Church and the Russian people. Worried by the development of the anti-reformist revolution, the authorities suppress the opposition by arresting them, deporting them and, through torture, forcing them to apostatize. In search of freedom they flee to America, Australia and Asia. In Europe they settle in Romania amongst other places and are known as the Lipovenus Russians. The majority of them settle in South Bessarabia (present-day Moldavia) and the Danube delta. The uncertain etymology of the term is associated with an almost mythical element, the lime tree, a tree which is called “lipa” in Russian.

Ten working women of different ages, who some years ago left their homes in Romania to look for new opportunities in the Basque Country, have set up the music band JURAVCA, after the name of a migratory bird. Their Russian songs travelled with them when they were forced to leave their native land and it is mainly thanks to the women who have kept and passed down these songs from generation to generation till the present day. Emotion, nostalgia, memories and life’s ups and downs are constant themes on this traditional music which finds expression in the vocal polyphony and the emblematic diatonic accordion. In sum, this is a delightful capriccio, a chance encounter of the waters of the Black Sea and the eastern Cantabrian Sea.

JURAVCA are accompanied by Basque musician FRAN LASUEN (Izukaitz, Oskorri) and his band with special guest appearance by KEPA JUNKERA, IBON KOTERON, XABI VALLE, JOXAN GOIKOETXEA and JUAN MARI BELTRÁN.