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Varios Explicit Lyrics from España Vol. 1 / HipHop aus Spanien GM0001 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberGM0001
labelGalileo MC
Release date14/07/2003

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      HipHop has become out of its roots in the streets of the USA to an international movement in the 90ies. Today many countries developed its own HipHop scene, that takes its musical influences not only from the US-Rappers.

      In Spain the phenomenon HipHop began with movies like „Beat Street“ or „Breakdance“. Yet back in the 80ies breakdancers came together on public squares in Madrid and Barcelona, to listen to Funk and Discomusic and show their new shoes and sportswear. The first releases were compilations like „Rapin´ Madrid“, „Rap de Aqui“ or „Navidad HipHop“. In midth of the 90ies the scene was established by bands like La Puta Opepe or CPV (Club de los Poetas Violentos), who had the first Hitalbum with „Madrid Zona Bruta“, that also was the first real HipHop album.

      Media became more and more interested in HipHop and so has Spain today a vivid and well working scene, that still waits for the commercial success, but also understood to avoid that commercial tendencies became to important in the music. More and more spanish rappers became interested in their own roots like Solo los Solo, who were the first in using Flamenco-Samples. For his album „Con Tierra en los bolsillos“, andalusian rapper El Payo Malo invited the now well known band Ojos de Brujo for his spectacular „De donde vengo“ and built this way a bridge between traditionalists and hiphop.

      This compilation tries to give an overview over the artists and styles of todays hiphop scene. The stylistic range covers the futuristic sound of Solo los Solo, the great skills of Doble V, the Raggamuffin style of Chulito Camacho, the oldschool style of Frank T and El Meswy, the R&B style of Shuga Wuga, the arabic influences of Yamal, the flamencobased rap of El Payo Malo and the turntablism skills of Skratch Comando. Real clasics like „A Muerte“ from CPV and „Con esos Ojitos“ from legendary 7 Notas 7 Colores are also included.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Solo Los SoloA la puta carrera
      • 2.Doble VVicios y Virtudes
      • 3.Chulito CamachoCiudad
      • 4.Frank TExito n un tomo
      • 5.Skratch ComandoDJs get the fuck
      • 6.El Payo MaloNa ma se que canta
      • 7.YamalEs Yamal
      • 8.El MeswyRene
      • 9.El ChojinLola
      • 10.Shuga WugaDime que no
      • 11.CPVA muerte
      • 12.Hablando en PlataRecuerdos de chico
      • 13.La Puta OpepeDon Simon
      • 14.7 Notas 7 ColoresCon esos ojitos
      • 15.MagnatizRara Avis
      • 16.ElementsCautivo