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Ketil Bjornstad Rainbow Sessions GRCD4630 4 CD
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Format4 Audio CD
Ordering NumberGRCD4630
Release date22/03/2019

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      Ketil Bjørnstad celebrates 50 years as a musician and artist in 2019

      10th of January 1969, 16 years old Ketil Bjørnstad debuted as a pianist with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra in the University ceremonial hall, the Aula. The acclaimed writer and musician celebrates 50 years as a musician and artist in 2019, and naturally this should and will be celebrated.

      Bjørnstad’s 50th anniversary as an artist kicks off with a reissue of “Rainbow Sessions”, earlier released as a limited edition in 2006. This is Ketil Bjørnstad’s homage to the world known Rainbow Studios and the Steinway grand piano. When studio owner and sound guru Jan Erik Kongshaug in 2004 was moving the studio to a new location, the idea to make the last to record in the old studio and the first to play in the new, was born. Two solo piano albums were planned, at the time it turned into three, and for this release evolves into four. This celebratory edition consists of five different Rainbow sessions recorded in the period 2013-2017, which Bjørnstad has put together into a fourth bonus CD. Everything is presented in a new, wonderful design, accompanied by newly written liner notes by Bjørnstad.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Arioso Dolente05:54
      • 2.Lucian04:20
      • 3.Hymn For Iohanne05:12
      • 4.Departure07:12
      • 5.The Wake03:24
      • 6.The Silhouettes05:26
      • 7.In The Bleak Midwinter05:45
      • 8.Kali05:13
      • 9.The Child04:57
      • 10.Prelude No. 104:38
      • 11.The Letter04:43
      • 12.The Curtain04:09
      • 13.Fragment02:13
      • 14.Spring Breeze05:41
      • 15.Fanny Xiang (The Sleeping Child) (The Long Farewell Version)06:21
      • Total:01:15:08
      CD 2
      • 1.Fanny Xiang (The Sleeping Child) (The Rainbow Version)06:28
      • 2.Undercurrent02:48
      • 3.The Sorrow (Rolf Jacobsen Memoriam)03:47
      • 4.The Rainbow05:06
      • 5.In The Night, Midwinter03:19
      • 6.The Orphan Child04:46
      • 7.Icon01:42
      • 8.The Source04:56
      • 9.The Grave, The Oracle04:13
      • 10.Psalm04:22
      • 11.Places, People, Moments And Years04:02
      • 12.Song For A Mother02:15
      • 13.The Day Descending04:43
      • 14.Twelve, Zero01:57
      • 15.The Unknown04:40
      • 16.The Ocean Line02:35
      • 17.Past02:44
      • 18.The Sudden Moment02:16
      • 19.Solace (The Rainbow Version)02:48
      • Total:01:09:27
      CD 3
      • 1.Solace (Through The Woods Version)04:40
      • 2.The Secret04:14
      • 3.The Blue Room In Vika04:32
      • 4.The Day After02:57
      • 5.Libidel's Song Before The Mirror03:12
      • 6.By The Fjord05:23
      • 7.The Way Through The Woods06:12
      • 8.Brahms: Intermezzo Opus 118 No.207:20
      • 9.Barcarole04:54
      • 10.I've Never Sailed The Amazon03:49
      • 11.The White Hotel03:34
      • 12.The Birth04:21
      • 13.The First Night03:14
      • 14.The Change03:12
      • 15.Nocturne02:51
      • 16.The Old Story03:29
      • 17.Blue Man05:31
      • Total:01:13:25
      CD 4
      • 1.The Story05:06
      • 2.Silhouette01:27
      • 3.To Fanny03:37
      • 4.Song Of Belonging02:48
      • 5.Departure02:48
      • 6.The Stranger03:17
      • 7.From Beginning To The End02:13
      • 8.Before The Rain02:21
      • 9.A Sudden Thought01:59
      • 10.Underground02:20
      • 11.Missing01:42
      • 12.Whatever02:25
      • 13.If Not01:18
      • 14.The Sorrow01:53
      • 15.Perhaps02:18
      • 16.Because04:28
      • 17.Into The Woods01:58
      • 18.The Road02:01
      • 19.Painting Flowers03:29
      • 20.Sea Breeze01:26
      • 21.Habanéra Lamentoso03:25
      • 22.The Sadness And The Beauty03:34
      • 23.Miserere (After Allegri)01:52
      • 24.Drifting02:11
      • 25.Watercolours02:12
      • 26.Oil On Canvas01:06
      • 27.Tempera02:18
      • 28.The Road At Night01:38
      • 29.So Far, My Friend (To Jan Erik Kongshaug)04:58
      • Total:01:14:08