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Elena Ledda Cantendi A Deus SARDCD0011 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberSARDCD0011
labelSARD Music
Release date21/05/2010

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      Thirty years after her first album (Ammentos), Sardinian singer Elena Ledda is now appreciated throughout the world as an ambassadress for traditional music and language of her country. Her latest recording ´Cantendi a Deus´, released on the extremely active label S´ardmusic, summarizes the intensity of the rich musical heritage of sacred Sardinia.

      Eighteen tracks full of pathos. A fascinating journey through the Sardinian sacred repertoire revisited by the inspiration and the unique voice of the spokesmen of Sardinian music and Mediterranean world. "S´incominzu" is inspired by the fifteenth century pieces "Sybil´s Song" and "Ave Maria", both of Catalan derivation; "Orus a su sperevundu" and "Mamma nosta" have instead Gregorian origin. Furthermore Elena draws from the songs of the Marian month, the Patron Saint´s Day, or the Christmas tradition as for "Gocius de su nascimentu" and "Celesti Tesoru". This last song is also an example of the "curba singing" typical of Campidano area. Most of the songs are dedicated to Easter. The moments of passion and resurrection of Christ are described with songs of rare beauty: "No mi giamedas Maria", "S´addolorada de is cruelis", "Mortu est Nostusennori", "Set´ispadas de dolore" (inspired by the Gocius musical form), "Mama de su Salvador"(Stabat Mater) and "A ita ses torrau". Elena also draws on the great variety of Rosaries, still present in all communities of the island, as "Laudatu semper siat" (inspired by the rosary of Orgosolo) and "Arrosàriu de "Masuddas" (inspired by the rosary of Masullas).

      Elena Ledda, the most intense female voice of Sardinia, with "Cantendi a Deus" has perhaps come at the most important point of her extraordinary career. She gives us 18 tracks to discover the pathos and beauty of the traditional sacred songs of Sardinia, but also to discover her astonishing musical talent.

      Original music and arrangements: Elena Ledda, Mauro Palmas, Marcello Peghin and Silvano Lobina; original texts by Maria Gabriela and Michele Pio Ledda.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Cantendi A Deus
      • 2.No Mi Giamedas Maria
      • 3.Orus A Su Sperevundu
      • 4.Gocius De Su Nascimentu
      • 5.Arrosariu De Masuddas
      • 6.Sa Pregadoria
      • 7.Ave Maria Catalana
      • 8.Prantu E Maria
      • 9.Mortu Est Nostusennori
      • 10.A Ita Ses Torratu
      • 11.Miserere - Deus Ti Salvet Maria
      • 12.S`Incomintzu
      • 13.Mamma De Su Salvadori
      • 14.S`Assolorada De Is Cruelis
      • 15.Set`Ispadas De Dolore
      • 16.Celesti Tesoru
      • 17.Mamma Nosta
      • 18.Laudatu Semper Siat